The MUIR series.... small stream 7 foot 3 weight fiberglass pack fly rod

true medium action... 



a custom MUIR shown above...  drop us a line if you want a unique MUIR for yourself. 

Imagine you are in a time machine and that time machine stops its light speed flight and the door opens.  It opens to a valley surrounded by beautiful mountains, and a river coming right out of the rocks that frame your vision.  Its the late 1800s and you are walking around Yosemite Valley in California and you come upon a man sitting on the side of the river.  Just sitting...  and looking.  

You approach him in your trucker cap with flat flap and sling back, or your fedora and fly fishing vest and you ask him, "what the hell are you doing?"  he answers... " just listening.  I found this new fern I had never seen by the river... so I decided to sit down beside it and make its acquaintance.  I wanted to see what it sees every day."  

You just met John Muir, and he had a vision.  His vision was to encourage all people to go to the mountain tops.  For only at the mountain tops could you understand and recharge, and experience natures grace.  He believed that in that vision you would experience something you never realized you could experience.  

This fly rod is far from anything as powerful as what John Muir is, and stands for.  It is however one of those fly rods that helps you experience fly fishing, like it is your mission, or even your religion.  5 pieces, easy to pack not on your back pack, but in it.  

We hope that if John Muir ran into you with this rod, and you pulled it out of your sac...  he would look at you, smile, and know that you "get it."  

Named after John Muir, this rod is made for backpacking for wild fish. The famous writer and advocate for the United States National Parks in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Mr. Muir traveled by foot no matter where he went. He believed, and we agree, that a transcendent experience happens in the wilderness. Only by being in the woods and seeing the world from the mountain tops, can one really understand God, Nature, Themselves, and actually recharge.


We found there was a need for a special pack fiberglass fly rod in the market. The rod would carry the excitement of the new age fiberglass fly rods, but would also be technically advanced and have a purpose and a soul.

Glass is not nearly as advanced as carbon fiber, and also is not as diverse. However, glass does have its place in some specialized applications. One specific application is smaller stream fly fishing. No matter for Bass, Trout, or even Panfish, we feel that the action of fiberglass is perfect for these applications. There is, or was until now, a void in the offering the market yields in regards to pack-able high performance glass. So we decided to fill that niche with the MUIR.

The MUIR is a 7 foot medium action 3 weight 5 piece pack fiberglass fly rod. 
John Muir was the founder of the Sierra Club and also the visionary for the National Parks.  In a way, he is our hero and this rod is dedicated to him and his dreams.