Backcountry Bugs: flies and boxes

I decided to put together some fly packs that were specifically patterns that I believed would work on small streams anywhere in the USA...  perhaps the world.  

These are the flies and the selections I have chosen.  

the idea came to me after many people would buy fly rods and outfits from me and then ask me how to get started fishing.  Specifically asking me how to fish small streams.  Since I dont have the fly shop anymore it was hard to carry flies on an online store and have it be economical, besides there are so many companies already doing that very well.  So I started with a dozen flies that I figured would be great for catching fish.  After putting that list together I thought about different fishing conditions and places and thought of more lists of flies that would be productive.  I also wanted a flare of old school patterns like some classic wet flies.  

so here it is:  The packs are divided up into a dry fly and emerger kit, a streamer kit, and old fashioned streamer kit, and a traditional wet fly kit.  I also wanted to put the flies in something really nice.  Not just to be a great gift but also something functional.  So I found some great economical boxes, printed our logo on them and BOOM they were born.   

Sincerely: JP