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Beaver Meadow Zen Trout edition


We went back to our roots a bit with this rod and mixed some of our old heritage of making rods with the new.  Our Muir rod has been very popular and in doing so it also has made the zen trout logo popular as well. 

In addition we have had a fantastic relationship with ABEL reels and most people have sent us notes about how much they love their JP Ross rods combined with Abel TR reels.  

With this rod we took the Zen Trout Reel seat and added it to the beaver meadow small stream fly rod, and then we outfitted it with an ABEL Reel.  

Choose from green with blue handle to match the simplistic blue wraps on this rod, or choose the timeless black reel to go with the black reel seat.  Or chose no reel at all.  


Available as a 5 footer, 6'6" and 7'9" 2-3 weight.  We prefer a 3 weight on our rods.  


And if you buy a reel, we will discount the rod and also include a free line and leader with an additional $55.00.  


Add any notes you want to the order for free inscription or special notes or ideas on colors.