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Hi, I'm JP. I have a strong love for the Adirondacks, brook trout, cold clean water, smallmouth bass on a popper, and snook in the mangroves. If I could, I'd build a cabin in the woods and do nothing but build custom canoes and fly rods for the rest of my life and spend my evenings casting to magic circles on a mirror still pond with my wife Bobbi Jo, son Parker, daughter Paisley.  

The idea for JP Ross was conceived in 1994. It was a longtime dream of mine to own a fly shop. I realized that dream at age 20 when I opened Rising Trout Outfitter fly shop. One year into that dream, JP Ross Fly rods was established.
My mission was to create a brand of fly rod that was an expression of the Adirondack Mountains and focus on the attributes that make a fly rod a piece of working art; the attributes of focus being the reel seat, the handle, the case and the thread wraps. I always have had an appreciation for detail and I felt that the custom fly rod was a great way to make a tool that was an expression of the user that was unique and useful.

Each rod is an expression of the customer and me as the designer and builder. The choice of materials in our rods is based on over 20 years in the industry and also having technical insight in material science from being a materials specialist in the electronics industry. World Travel for my work has helped me meet many intelligent engineers and also be involved in many projects in which the constraints or goals of the project has forced us all to think outside the box in regards to material selection and manufacturing process.

Currently, I am mid 40's and I live in Utica New York a small town that is just south-west of the Adirondack Mountains. The JP Ross facility is a Cabin, just tucked back a ways in the woods. That cabin is my personal workshop, although we are expanding into more and bigger ones.  I have made over 8000 fly rods since I started in 1997. We also have a facility in the Adirondacks where we do development work, and on an often occasion we do work at Marks place too, where we do t-shirt and mug printing and we have our fly inventory.  

We perceived the company in 1994 and established it in 1996; now well over 20 years in existence.

Custom fly rods are what we do. Every once in a while we will make a short run of rods, perhaps 10-12 at a time, and sell them. They usually sell fast. My recent passion is fiberglass fly rods. I started working with Kabuto and Epic, and quickly used my understanding of materials and fly rod design to come up with my own blanks, one of which is called the MUIR. The Muir has helped us evolve into S-Glass. 

Working with materials and understanding how they work, and why they work, and also how they fail is key to success as a fly rod maker and designer.  Im positive that I could add a great deal of value to a big company like Sage or Orvis and any of those larger companies.  However, besides JP Ross I am a high level manager at an electronics materials company called Indium Corporation.  Still  there, I worked with the development team and big names companies like Intel, to create an innovative a patented product and technology called Heat-Spring. The worlds first full metal compressible thermal interface material.  In addition I patented a technology recently which creates a new way to solder a microprocessor for high value applications.  I also have other patents in queue and application.  

Of course its not just me tho, im just the science geek....  its certainly a team effort.  That team not only is the talent at JP Ross & Co. But also the relationships we have with our suppliers.  For over 20 years our machine shop component supplier and our composite fabricator have been by our side.  The relationship between supplier and customer is key to success, especially if you want to innovate and provide a constantly evolving quality product. 

When you buy from me, and you work with "us" you are getting world class quality and engineering and material design that is in our roots and our core for many years. 

Please enjoy my web site and the staff that make up this awesome company.  In today's day and age, having a small town custom rod shop seems to be what some people are looking for.  We are happy to fill that niche.  Many of our customers are repeat customers, and that is the way we like it.  Satisfaction is very important to use...  you can see it in the responses we get back from our customers that we are doing a good job to achieve that goal.

In association with our goal of customer satisfaction, we ultimately work to create a profit, and to spend that profit to do good.  For us, that good evolved into Trout Power.  We believe that clean water and wild fish is where its at. No matter if trout, or tarpon, we care and do what we can to make sure more of these beautiful creatures, and the gorgeous places they live in are protected and preserved. 

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