Delivery and lead time

Many people ask us how long it takes for us to deliver an order. 
The answer is based on 3 criteria. 
  1. Is the product you are buying a fly rod? 
  2. Is the product you are buying customized?
  3. Is the product you are buying a "standard" item like t-shirts or hats?
  • Fly Rods usually take us anywhere from 2 weeks to 45 days to produce, and that is based on how custom the rod is.  To know for sure just email JP ( or Contact Us.  We usually will email you some photos of supplies and components we have in stock to give you a better idea how to shorten your lead time.  Our machine shop is local and USA based, but we still have to deal with work flow if completely custom rods are ordered. The best thing to do is to place your order, and in the notes field of the order, just ask us to send you some options to start a dialogue to look at in stock components.  If we do not get any note from you, we will make your order exactly as you placed it online. 
  • If the product has some customization that are special, we will let you know if that takes extra time. 
  • If the product is standard then we ship in about 2-5 days at the most. 

Application of discounts

We appreciate the policies of our vendors.  Any combination of rods and reels that have an advertised retail price less than the sum of the individual items retail values, will apply discounts to JP Ross Products.   We respect the wishes of our vendors like Ross Reels, Abel Reels, Airflo and Stone Creek to advertise their products as suggested retail prices.  So when we offer or advertise discounted package prices, those discounts are applied in our accounting as discounts applied to JP Ross Products and the vendors products listed above are sold at retail value where applicable.  Although the entire combo may be advertised at a lesser price than the sum of the individual items, all discounts against retail prices will be against JP Ross & Co. products.  JP Ross proudly pays excise tax on all our fly rods which are made and assembled in the USA.  JP Ross reserves the right to adjust and alter our prices of our goods at our own discretion as we are 100% the maker of these products.   

Returns:  We reserve the right to charge a 25% restocking fee and refund via business check on amounts over $300.00.   Returns or refunds of fly rods must be made within 2 weeks of receipt of your rod.  This short period is because your rod was hand made.  If you are not satisfied, we want to help. Please speak to us if you have any issues or concerns.  

Sincerely: Jordan P. Ross