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The Peacemaker 10'6" 4 weight 4 pc. and 8 foot 3 weight 3 pc. All in one.

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Mark Usyk, Chris Murphy, Wayne Weber and Nate Martin are four anglers I trust and respect and all four of them have said that this rod is one of the most diverse rods they’ve ever cast and fished. It's not just a nymphing rod, it’s not just a dry fly rod, and it’s not just a streamer rod...  It's an everything rod and it does everything well.

The Peacemaker was first made for a trip that Mark and I did on an Adirondack river that needed to be floated by canoe.  It was deep, with crowded alder banks, and it was loaded with trout...  but you needed a longer rod to dap with when you didn’t need to cast, and to mend with and reach with. Not only that, but the added length of the rod actually helped on the small headwaters by keeping the line well above the alders while making casts!  We’d found one of the Peacemaker’s many applications.  

Afterwards, Mark fished it for a couple years, but I still wasn’t convinced on adding it to the JP Ross line-up. It was a wonderful rod, but we already had wonderfully casting rods, was it different enough to compliment our line up and add real value? Until… In walk two Euro Nymphers, Nate and Chris.  They get theirs and they absolutely love it.  Then… In walks Wayne, who steelhead fishes on light tackle, and he loves his...  And so with everyone agreeing that this rod will truly fill many roles and all of them very well the decision was made to add it to the JP Ross line up after years of testing! 

The Peacemaker is designed for the grain weight of a 4 weight line or 120 grains.  However, due to the tip and mid-section make up and layup, this rod can go up to a 5wt for monoclear stillwater fishing and single handed spey casting, or down to a 3wt for dapping and dry fly fishing.  Call or email us with questions.

During the testing years of this rod The Peacemaker fished absolutely wonderfully through delicate dry fly presentations to deep nymph dredging to streamer and popper fishing, and it’s handled all fish, big and small without worry. The Peacemaker has the finesse for the delicate work and the backbone for the heavy lifting. It performs!

I like the look of the nickel reel seat with buckeye insert and down lock configuration with a 1-inch fighting butt for balance, but we’re open to make these rods custom for you. The process is easy.  Make your purchase and email me, and I’ll send you pics after a quick call or email conversation about themes.  I’ll mock something up for you to see. 

Lines:  I absolutely recommend the Airflo Tactical Taper Fly Line for this rod. 

Yes you can up-line this rod to a 5 weight, and I would recommend that for sinking lines and still-water applications. 


 Rod Built weight: approx. 3oz depending on components. 

All rods will have the peacemaker grip, but check our components page for other reel seat ideas. 

Sincerely: JP

More info here from an Instagram TV episode we made. 

For Rod Builders:  The blank is ribbed and un-sanded and very durable.  If you want the finish as shown, you need to sand it lightly with steel wool or scotch bright and denatured alcohol.   Blank Weight: 1.7 Oz.  

spacing from tip: 4 1/2, 10 1/4, 16 1/4, 23, 31, 39 3/4, 52, 63, 76, 94.  Euro centric are sizes 1 - 4 plus 10 & 12. JP's prefers all single foots from size 2- 5 and one 16 strip guide. 



New for 2021: The sidekick and The short barrel. 

The Sidekick: convert your already owned peacemaker into a smooth 8 foot 3 weight 3 piece with this extra 3rd section.   

The Short Barrel: an 8 foot 3 weight 3 pc. version of the peacemaker.  

Peacemaker Combo: includes the 10'6" 4 weight 4pc. peacemaker and the sidekick to convert it to a 8 foot 3 weight 3 piece.  All in one case.