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Muir Glass pack rod 7 foot 3 weight 5 piece

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Medium Slow Action (true medium) 5 piece. 

Comes with Bag and Case. 19 3/4"  inch case. 

Available as just rod or as a combo.  Shown with Ross Colorado Reel.

The Muir was released in January 3rd 2016 and was the FIRST 5 piece glass rod to hit the market before anyone else. We wanted to be first back then. Now it really does not mean much to be first. What matters is, are you happy. This rod has made many anglers happy. We have received many emails from customers telling us that using this rod is an experience the love. It is a real glass rod and acts like one. We have re-released it 5 years later with a little face lift and some beautiful components like a pine cone and black reel seat and more traditional case. We hope you like it. We love it.  Please allow some artistic variation from rod to rod.  These are made one at a time. 

If you have an idea on a rod and reel combo please use discount code: combo10 and please CONTACT US with questions and whatever else we can do for you.   


Sincerely: JP


Hi Jordan
I just wanted to drop you a line, no pun intended, to let you know how pleased I am with the rod. I’ve waited because I hadn’t had an opportunity to cast it as the weather has been so cold in Oslo. However, I am now on the West coast of Norway working for a few months and my friend here is a member of a fly casting club so I was able to take the rod into a huge training hall and try it out. Loved it! I gave it to one of the casting instructors to try and it put a big smile on his face too.
I agree with you that stuff and the buying of it will not make you happy, but if you invest a bit of time and find a quality item that will enrich what ever you enjoy doing, make you appreciate what it is you have in your hand and the making of it and perhaps helps make you a little better at what you are endeavoring to do, well, there is nothing wrong with that.
I now plan on getting out there and trying it on the water soon.
My best regards to you,