Warranty and Repair Policy

hi...  first things first.  We are NOT Ross Worldwide.  We do not make the Ross Essence fly rods.  Ross Worldwide is no longer making fly rods, its not us.   Sorry if you reached this page in error.  
We are JP Ross & Co.  made in America, and 20 years running. 

Every new JP Ross rod is covered by our original owner warranty. 

This warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the rod and it is up to our discretion if this warranty of quality will cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product.   The best thing to do...  just ask.  JP Ross & Co. reserves the right to handle any warranty issue to their own discretion.  

Most issues are broken sections caused by the user.  Its called an accident, and we cover those.

This warranty does not cover fire, theft, missing rod sections, intentional breakage, Intentional misuse, modification or customization of the finished rod, or damage during the assembly of a blank into a finished rod.

Warranty coverage on JP Ross Rods blanks, sold as blanks,  does not extend to any custom work or components added to the blanks by our customer. 

JP Ross reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any JP Ross Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

Cost:  Cost to process a repair or replacement varies depending on repair but does include shipping and handling.  If we can not replace the exact rod because it is out of life cycle, we will tell you what we can do to replace, repair, or offer you a great price on a new model..  at that time extra custom components can be added for a fee at the owners discretion.  

Life Cycle: Most of our models stay active for about 3-6 years...  we keep stock of those materials and components, but we can't keep inventory for ever.  We will let you know if we have nothing in stock by the serial number on the black. 

The process: Any and all repairs need to be shipped back to our shop.  The entire rod and its pieces and parts must be included.  The rod must be in its bag, and in its case and in a box or cardboard tube.  Please do not send the rod in its tube without a protective box or cardboard tube as the rod tube will get near completely destroyed in shipping.   

Lead Time: Repairs or replacements usually take about 3-6 weeks. 

Thousands of JP Ross rods have been sold through the years, and we know accidents happen. We want to grow our business. Having satisfied customers is important to us and is a big part of our company growth. Please never assume nothing can be done.  

Note:  We no longer have parts for 2 piece, 3 piece and 5 piece rods.    This includes the beaver meadow 7'0" 3 weight 3 piece glass and the 8'0" 5 weight 3 piece glass.  These rods, if broken, may be able to  be returned for credit value for a newer model. For example the 7'0" 3 piece glass has been replaced by the 7'0" 5 piece MUIR Glass.  

Please call us to discuss.  

Our rods are made in the USA with US Labor.  

email us if you have any questions. 



if you have a rod that needs repair to begin the process, click here.