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Beaver Meadow Custom Rod

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Short fly rods are something we specialize in. Fly Fishing the Adirondacks in NY is a lot of rock hoping and exploration. However you don't have to be from the Adirondacks to like small stream fly fishing. Small streams happen everywhere, from Vermont to the Midwest to the West Coast and I have even talked to people wanting short fly rods for fly fishing for schoolie striped bass.

Custom Beaver Meadows include and not limited to. 

  • blank type
  • blank color
  • grip type
  • reel seat
  • reel seat insert if applicable
  • reel seat engraving
  • all rods include a bag and case
  • all rods include an agate guide

    in the notes of the build please include extra info like: 

    1. what grip you want: 6.5" ERGO Grip, 7" Western, 7.5" peacemaker
    2. engraving other than what is offer on the web site, we have zen trout, brook trout, black fly, and just about anything you can imagine. 
    3. do you want filler in the engraving
    4. include what inscription you want
    5. thread wrap ideas if you have any

    email us if you have any question on a custom build.  We can coach you and also we can talk about the build and we send you a cart for checkout. Prices on custom builds are fixed.