Mark Usyk: Author and Self Proclaimed Marginal Fisherman

Mark and I stood side by side the other day and reflected on knowing each other since 1st grade.  Then we thought about how long we have both been working together on JP Ross & Co.  "It goes back to the first Trout Power days", Mark said; "so that puts it at over ten years..."   

Mark is a great inspiration to the company and to others.  I have enjoyed being part of this part of his life and I appreciate how we encourage each other to accomplish our goals, or have a guiding voice that ask you; so why again are you doing this?  Here's to another decade Mark Usyk.  Sincerely: JP

 Learn more about Mark on his own web page.

Mark Usyk is the author of three books: Reflections of a Fly Rod, Carp Are Jerks, and Not All Trout Are Geniuses. He's also had stories published in both print and online magazines as well as filling up the JP Ross Fly Rods Streamer Junkie Blog with over one hundred and fifty short stories exploring life and blue lines on maps.

His first book Reflections of a Fly Rod, published in 2017, is a large collection of short stories celebrating days on rivers and creeks in search of the next fish and the next life lesson. An easy reading book, there have been many copies found both on bookshelves and in back packs. His first release still gains new readers every day.

mark usyk reflections of a fly rod

Usyk's second book, Carp Are Jerks, is a chunk out of his life, highlighting the idea that life has its ups and downs, but keeping fly fishing and the outdoors a constant has healing powers not found in any bottle of booze or pills. From brook trout to farm pond bass, to carp and brown trout, the common theme is just keep casting, all else will pass in time.

mark usyk carp are jerks

In his latest book Not All Trout Are Geniuses Usyk aims to send a message...You weren't born to just pay bills and die. There's a lot to see out there on the rivers and lakes, all you have to do is go. Brook trout, browns, bass, pike, and even trees. You can catch anything if you just go looking. Humorous and light hearted, he pokes fun at himself through the book in some stories, while in many others he reflects on a life spent fumbling and searching, only to find there's so much to find.  Ranging from Adirondack brook trout outings to pike in Connecticut and finally ending on the Devils River in south west Texas, these stories are sure to make you laugh, cry, and seriously consider why you wouldn't call in sick to go fishing more often.

mark usyk not all trout are geniuses

Mark Usyk lives in upstate NY a half hour from the Adirondack Park's southern border. He can be found casting to fish on the Oriskany Creek or heading north to brook trout streams on many days when he's expected to be at work. But he knows...You weren't born to just pay bills and die.

You may contact Mark Direct at: or on his web site. 

mark usyk