Mark Usyk [Adirondack Adventurer, Superhero]

Mark Usyk and JP Ross explore the adirondacks

Mark Usyk is a self-labeled fishaholic. An unstable, unconventional, once upon a time blacksmith, ex-cell tower climber, Adirondack explorer, husband, father, fly fishing fanatic.

Mark can remember having a fishing pole in his hands since before he could write his own name, but fly fishing wasn't always in the picture. When the economy tanked in 2008 it affected his job as a high end blacksmith and two years later he took a job climbing cell towers for a living all over the north east. Not long after he began to live on the road he was packing the work truck with loads of fishing gear each week, but he found himself looking for new challenges on the water. After his father gave him his first fly rod it wasn't long before his second one, a JP Ross Beaver Meadow, was added to his arsenal and the fly fishing began to take over.

Mark hung up his harness for the last time in the fall of 2014 after climbing and fishing all over the north east for 4 years. He is currently working on a book of his time on the towers and how not only fishing, but learning to fly fish while on the road kept him sane and saved his brain from meltdowns sometimes on a daily basis. Today he works as a mechanic in a special alloys plant, and ties flies and jigs at home when he can’t get on the water. He says blogging for JP Ross Fly Rods will give him an avenue to reach anglers and those looking to get into fly fishing and motivate them to “Get out on the water.”

Mark lives in Oriskany NY with his wife and two boys on the Oriskany Creek, where he can often be found casting a fly rod on his way to work and again on his way home.

Mark Usyk teaching fly fishing to his son

Mark is a Superhero because he is a man of great character.  He is a terrific father, and a great son to his own dad.

Mark Usyk and his JP Ross Jeep
Mark Usyk treading lightly
Mark Usyk Fly Fishing at Sunset

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