Coherence Fly Rods



Coherence... as defined by JP. I have not made a fly rod designed in graphite, made to cast as perfectly as possible since early 2000's. I have been focused on small stream fly rods... til now. For those that have followed me, there are a number of rods we have released but two in particular built our brand over the last 23 years and over 7000 fly rods, to be focused on quality and use of materials. Those rods were the 43t and the SYNenergy rods. Both made of graphite and both longer for bigger water type fishing. We tested these rods on the Delaware River, and West Canada Creek among others. These places needed technical casting and accuracy. So now I have reached back in my brain and pulled out the best attributes of those rods and I have created a new one called COHERENCE.

Coherence as defined by the dictionary is; the integration of diverse elements, relationships, or values. I define COHERENCE as; a mental state in which one becomes part of their environment. Coherence is being aware of what you are seeing, feeling, smelling, while in the moment. For fly anglers, it's probably being on the water. In the case of fly fishing and being outdoors; I actually think that more and more we need to teach this to the younger generations. They don't know the value of being outside or why you "need to go there." If you follow me, you know that our JP Ross Symbol has meaning. There is a reason for the 3 nails and the 4 bars at the bottom of the shield. You may know me very well, and know why our glass rod is called the MUIR, named after John Muir, the man that believed that we MUST go outside to live and recharge our physical and mental body.....Controversial as it may be. There also is a reason that there is an "all seeing eye" in the COHERENCE logo. The all seeing eye or eye of God has meaning. The meaning that I choose is the one associated with being "responsible for your actions." I think it's great that fly fishing and the outdoors is becoming a world of flat brimmed hats, fish porn movies and film tours, and just having fun. The outdoor market and message has changed over the last 25 years I have been in business... and that's cool. 

But the reason I am releasing COHERENCE is to remind everyone that being outside is important and take that time to "take in" all of it. Be COHERENT. I leave it at that so that you too can expand on this yourself and create your own meaning of why being out on the water or in the woods maters to you. All I ask is that once you realize what that emotion is... you pass it on to the children and others so they can appreciate nature like you do. If you feel that you have to "get outside" for nourishment, you have found the secret to life.  

The Coherence is available as a medium fast action and also a fast action.