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Adams theme Beaver Meadow Rod and outfits, refined and simple, value priced.


Although nearly all JP Ross rods are considered custom, the Adams version of the Beaver Meadow is still made one at a time and to order, but we can turn these around pretty fast. (about 2 weeks at most)  The rod is the same great quality as any other beaver meadow, but it has a simple but elegant black reel seat with brook trout engraving, and a simple choice of tapered western style grip or our special ERGO grip.  All rods are made with the best hand crafted USA quality as our other rods, and they also feature an aluminum case and rod bag.  You cant go wrong with an Adams theme Beaver Meadow for form and function and quick lead time.

Rod comes with Aluminum rod case and cotton bag
standard spring green thread wraps

5 foot 2,3 weight starting at $299.00, available in spring green or emerald green
6'6" 2,3 weight starting at $299.00, available in spring green or emerald green
7'9" 3 weight $299.00  only available in Spring Green Hybrid


Also available are outfit options like.  

Stone Creek brand fly line

Mini Reel

Mini Reel and Line


The Story of the Beaver Meadow Small Stream Fly Rod


When I was young I spent all my summers in the Adirondacks. I lived in a town called Eagle Bay, NY. If I rode my bike about a mile down Big Moose Road I came to a small creek called the Eagle Creek. There I learned how to catch brook trout on a bobber and a worm. Later, when I became busy with college I found myself going back to this small creek to see if those brook trout were still there. This time I left my spinning rod at home and brought my 9 foot 5 weight fly rod. I soon found that trying to roll cast and navigate through the tag alders was no easy task. When I started my company 20 years ago I knew I wanted to make a rod to fish these small streams. It took me a few years to design the right tool for the task.

The Beaver Meadow is by far the most enjoyable fly rod I have ever designed. When I have spare time in my rod shop, I find myself making a beaver meadow. It was about 20 years ago that I came up with the 5 foot 2 weight fly rod.  . I remember the day that my now very good friend Brian Corbett walked into the fly shop and the second prototype was on the wall. "How much for this" he asked. "I don't even have a name for it" I said. We sat and talked for at least an hour, and after a few cups of coffee Brian suggested we call it the Beaver meadow. He still fishes the first Beaver Meadow ever sold. Since then we have offered many different styles of Beaver Meadow, from 7'6" 4 piece to 5'0" 2 weights.

The benefits of the Beaver Meadow is its short length, light weight and roll casting ability. The rod was designed to fish small streams for wild brook trout, but later we found that people had been looking for a rod like this to catch golden trout, cutthroat trout and even smallmouth bass; so although it is inspired by the Adirondack Brook Trout, it can in fact be used for just about anything. 

What we want you to know is that this rod blank is made for fun light weight fishing. The blank is an emerald green color or Spring Green.  Both are the Carbon Silica Hybrid and are very light and thin. All beaver meadows are medium to slow so that they roll cast well. Bump up a line weight to slow the rod down, or to throw bigger streamers and double fly rigs.  We sell most Beaver Meadows rated for a 2 weight with a #3 line.  That's why the 5 footer and 6'6" are called a 2-3.  2 weight line for distance casting and 3 weight line for roll casting and chucking big flies.  

The Carbon Silica spring green and emerald green blank is the perfect blend of glass and graphite that will flex like glass but will give you feedback and power for roll casting like carbon. 

If you are looking for a special rod that will sit in the corner of your man cave waiting for the right day, this is it. 



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