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The Beaver Meadow Fly Rod Series

Handmade Small Stream Rods


S-Glass is a higher performing material than E-Glass which allows for faster tip recovery and greater effortless accuracy. We chose this material for soft loops, light tippet protection, and an iconic smooth casting feel right down to your hands and soul.

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Bow and arrow cast like Robin Hood.

5 foot Carbon and 5 1/2 foot S-Glass

Meet the Rock Hopper

The Beaver Meadow Carbon Small Stream Rod

Our first beaver meadow fly rod was created in 2000. We built it because we needed a small fly rod for the application of catching small wild trout. Later we found that we were not the only ones in love with catching these little jewels. And sometimes they weren't so little. The Carbon series allows for faster hook set, and the ability to cast double fly rigs and big streamers.

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7 foot 3 wt. 5 pc.

E-Glass true medium action. The first modern glass pack fly rod.

MUIR E-Glass

S-Glass Custom Rods

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Meet the TOAD.

Meet the Toad. Make your own story.

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Through the years...

Businesses come and go. Those with a purpose, stay.

JP Ross & Co. was started in 1997 for 1 reason. Build an affordable hand made fly rod in the USA. We did that, and called it the Adams. The brand quickly evolved and found a niche in small stream fly rods and competitive casting rods. At one time a majority of the competitive anglers in the ESPN Outdoor Games were using our fly rods to cast with. This heritage is built into our designs today. Not because our rods are fast, or stiff, or are made to cast distance, but because we know the importance of making a tool to do a job. In parallel to making high performance distance casting rods our small stream Beaver Meadow fly rod was born and our pursuit of technology and ways to create unique rods for a purpose began. Now thousands of fly rods have been made with our shield on them, and our focus has added a new mantra. Help people be happy by getting them outside. Yup, it's pretty simple. You have to get outside to re-boot yourself on a regular basis. We hope our products help you do that.

Hand Made

JP Ross

The man & the company...

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What we do is make fly rods, but our purpose is to exist to make fishing tools that get you out there. simply fish. get outside. be happy.

1% of our revenue is donated to Trout Power. learn more at troutpower.org