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Businesses come and go. Those with a purpose, stay.

JP Ross & Co. was started in 1997 for 1 reason. Build an affordable hand made fly rod in the USA. We did that, and called it the Adams. The brand quickly evolved and found a niche in small stream fly rods and competitive casting rods. At one time a majority of the competitive anglers in the ESPN Outdoor Games were using our fly rods to cast with. This heritage is built into our designs today. Not because our rods are fast, or stiff, or are made to cast distance, but because we know the importance of making a tool to do a job. In parallel to making high performance distance casting rods our small stream Beaver Meadow fly rod was born and our pursuit of technology and ways to create unique rods for a purpose began. Now thousands of fly rods have been made with our shield on them, and our focus has added a new mantra. Help people be happy by getting them outside. Yup, it's pretty simple. You have to get outside to re-boot yourself on a regular basis. We hope our products help you do that.

The Beaver Meadow Small Stream Rod

Our first beaver meadow fly rod was 5 foot long and was made for a purpose. We built it because we needed a small fly rod for the application of catching small wild trout. Later we found that we were not the only ones in love with catching these little jewels. And sometimes they weren't so little.


Beaver Meadow Theme Rods

Small Stream Theme rods
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Wild Card. testimonial

I fish a lot of small streams and rivers, some of which can hold big trout in deep runs. The wildcard is a rod that is tailor made for big fish in small water settings. The rod has a truly unique casting action, a slow patient load with a smooth delivery that allows the line to shoot right off the tip. It has a great action that one must cast to truly understand. As a 4/5 wt, the rod can handle bigger streamers and fighting fish in heavy currents. This is also a great rod to throw heavy nymph rigs. Being in the JP Ross line, the rod has great artistic detail, with a fantastic black blank with the classic white knight who seems to guide you through your journeys. The ergo grip is as comfortable as it gets, and the way the colored guide wraps contrast against the black is absolutely amazing. It is a truly gorgeous rod, and I have never fished anything like it.

know when to hold em'

Made in Upstate NY in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

We made Glass Rods, when Glass wasn't cool....

Barbara Mandrell and George Jones sang a song called: " I was country when country wasn't cool." Well back in the day, we made a multi piece glass pack rod for backpacking because we needed one, not because it was cool. We were inspired by John Muir in its design. We were the first to make a 5 piece Glass 3 weight, and it is still the best.

MUIR Glass

Hand Made

the MUIR...

The Muir is the most special rod I have ever used. There are a few things that set this rod apart from any other rod I have owned and experienced. First off, using a glass rod may be the most fun one can have fly fishing. Casting dry flies to Adirondack brook trout with a Muir is an experience that one has to have to truly understand. The action of a glass rod is unlike any carbon fiber rod, with its graceful loading and its subtle action that makes casting a fantastic experience. This has become my go to dry fly rod. At 7' this rod is large enough to make large casts and easy mends, however is small enough to fish the small streams and brooks. The 3 wt is a perfect action for small stream trout, with plenty of backbone when a large fish shows it head. The Muir also stands out because of its amazing look and craftsmanship. The creamy white coloration with the zen trout inlay, the amber agate strip guide, the ergo grip, and the beautiful wood reel seat make this rod a classic. JP offers a custom option where he works your signature into the rod, making the rod a truly one of a kind piece. The custom rod also came with an incredible wooden case and buffalo skin sheath that goes around the rod tube. The Muir shows why JP Ross is a pinnacle of fly rod building in my opinion. World class craftsmanship and attention to detail, customizeable options, a tribute to history, and a fly rod that is beyond reproach. Cheers JP, this rod is a gem!
C. Murphy

the NEW S-Glass

S-Glass is a higher performing material than E-Glass. We chose this material for soft loops, light tippet protection, and an iconic smooth casting feel right down to your hands and soul.

try our smooooth glass.

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