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Coherence Fly Rod 4,5,6, model for freshwater, 4 piece

$500.00 $499.00

The Coherence fly rod is a rod specifically designed by JP Ross to be his newest revival of his old specialty...  making competition fly rods.  Back in the late 1990's JP Designed a few rods to be made especially for competition in the ESPN outdoor games.  Although JP did not compete, he did judge many of the competitions while designing rods that many of the anglers used to compete... and eventually also win.  There was a small cult type following behind JP's K357, and SYNenergy fly rods of the day....   Later on he focused on small stream rods and glass and slightly abandon his thoughts on making longer rods again.  

Today, this has changed and the revival is now!

The Coherence rod is an 8'6" 4 or 5 weight and a 9 foot 5 and 6 weight.  Also included is a special saltwater ready 7-8 weight.  All the rods are medium fast action, and the 7-8 rod with a seven line is considered fast action. 

 technical brief: 

High Gloss Forest green blank

7.5" peacemaker grip

Black Jack Silver reel seat

stabilized wood reel seat: choice of Box Elder, California Buckeye, Black Ash, Black Ash Dyed Green

Zen Trout Engraving with epoxy filler. 

SYNenergy hourglass guide system, designed by JP Ross

Coherence Aluminum case with cotton bag

Green wraps with customer chosen accent colors

Alignment dots

folding hook keeper


All rods are wrapped in green, but JP will work with the customer on accent colors depending on customer influence and wood insert choice. 

 Rods shown here are photographed in direct sun to show the beautiful blank color.  Pictures do not do this rod justice.