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    Fly fishing for mullet

    Morbihan, the department in which I live, is a coastal region that offers some interesting conditions for sea fishing.The coast is not very rocky, much less than in western and northern Britanny : here we have many beaches, estuaries and mudflats.These are interesting places to fish for mullet, particularly fresh water / salt water mixing zones.In French atlantic waters, it is possible to encounter five different mullet species :1. The thick-lipped grey mullet (Chelon labrosus) ; max length 65 cm.2. The thin-lipped grey mullet (Liza ramada) ; max length 70 cm, which dates back some rivers over large distances, such as the Loire.3. The flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) ; max length 100 cm.4. The golden mullet (Liza aurata) ; max length 55 cm.5. The leaping mullet (Liza Saliens) ; max length 40 cm.It is mainly the first two species the fly fisherman can catch. The flathead mullet, which can...
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    Trout Power 2016 Field Study

    As always when one tries to change anything, there is always resistance to change. Usually opinions arise based on lack of information, and what starts as a comment can turn into quarrel.  So what are the facts around Trout Power 2016 and the Sagamore Historic Preservation Management Plan?  Preservation: The whole reason that Trout Power and Great Camp Sagamore want to do the creel study is because of a desire to preserve the wild fish in the watersheds around Sagamore Lake.  In order to do so, we need to establish a baseline.  What is the current state of the ecosystem right now?  We will find out.  History: In the late 1800's Dr. Arpad Gerster frequented this area and with special access granted to him by W.W. Durant himself, he fished and camped all along the backs of this area.  His notes are now reference that wild fish existed in the...
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    Jet Boating and stream or river fly fishing for smallmouth bass

    Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking my 15 foot Tracker Jon Boat on the Mohawk River. I outfitted the boat with a 25hp Mercury Jet Drive. This is something I have been looking forward to doing for about ten years. I always had envy for people jet boating and fishing for Smallmouth Bass with a fly rod in the Susquehanna River in PA… I wanted to do it here in my own back yard. It turns out that saving some pennies and having a dream pays off. This is the most enjoyable boat I think I have ever had.We started in the Barge Canal, and if you are familiar with the Canal in Central NY, there are a lot of little run off areas on it which connect to the Mohawk River. If you can get to one and it has some current in it, you should fish it for...

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