Jet Boating and stream or river fly fishing for smallmouth bass

Yesterday I spent the afternoon taking my 15 foot Tracker Jon Boat on the Mohawk River. I outfitted the boat with a 25hp Mercury Jet Drive. This is something I have been looking forward to doing for about ten years. I always had envy for people jet boating and fishing for Smallmouth Bass with a fly rod in the Susquehanna River in PA… I wanted to do it here in my own back yard. It turns out that saving some pennies and having a dream pays off. This is the most enjoyable boat I think I have ever had.

We started in the Barge Canal, and if you are familiar with the Canal in Central NY, there are a lot of little run off areas on it which connect to the Mohawk River. If you can get to one and it has some current in it, you should fish it for bass.

Our experience yesterday was that; fly fishing for smallmouth river bass in August is not as easy as in June and July for sure. However, the number of yearling and two year fish was astounding. Next time I go, I am going to bring a 3 weight and catch the little guys during the heat of the day, and then fish deep in the late afternoon with a sink tip line and a 6 weight. There were times where literally there were ten baby smallmouth bass following my fly.

Fly selection was easy: Clouser Minnow. My favorite Clouser Minnow is one that I tie, which has coyote fur on it in place of bucktail. This fly works great and has a slim profile like a dace or small minnow.

Entomology wise, we actually started to see white flies hatching. I suspect one week or so and we will have the full blown hatch going on. Water was in the eighties.