JP Ross, The Man & The Company

Who is JP Ross? What is JP Ross? They’re almost the same question, one wouldn’t exist without the other. But they’re both their own thing, JP Ross the person and JP Ross the company.

The person is one of my best friends, I’ve known him since the first grade, but I’ve really gotten to know him over the past nine years. His mind never rests. He’s always working on something. He’s either designing something in his head, or brainstorming on making something he’s already done better. He’s always pushing himself, challenging himself to come up with something new, whatever is next. But that’s simply the mechanics of the person. The character of JP Ross the person is why I’ve found myself connected to JP Ross the company.

His character is why his products are what they are. When he designs a rod, he wants it to perform. When he builds that rod for customers, not only does he know that it’s going to give them the life experiences they’re desperately searching for, but he’s added that customers name to the company’s family. He has pride in those who become repeat customers, because that’s just about everyone. He sees that as a connection being made, not just a product being sold. Because he knows he’s not just selling a product. He’s a broker in a ballcap listening to Jimmy Buffet, helping people invest in their happiness. They’re going to go places and see things and make memories because of that fly rod. Beautiful places, beautiful things, wonderful memories.

But he’s a family man too. I’ve seen him go from single, to married, to a father of two. And I can tell you that it’s done amazing things for him, which again reflect in the company. He knows now more than ever that life isn’t just special. It goes by fast and family is above all. And remember, he looks at JP Ross customers as a special family. So everything he’s getting out of his family life now, special moments in beautiful places with his wife, son, and daughter, that’s what he wants his JP Ross Fly Rods family to experience.

You can sell anything to make money. Sure, JP Ross the man runs JP Ross the company to make money. That’s what any business does. But JP isn’t selling products in his mind. Plain and simple he’s selling the lifestyle that saves lives. Enriches lives. Makes life worth living. He’s selling the experience the product enables as much as the product itself.

I wouldn’t stand with just any company simply because they sell fly rods or whatever outdoors gear it is I feel I need to go chase my adventures. I’ve become a part of JP Ross because I know the man behind the company personally, and so I believe in the company as much as the man.

Yeah, that’s who I think JP Ross is. And that’s what I think JP Ross the company is. By: Mark Usyk

Many years back, I remember reading about these fly rods designed for fishing small streams in the Adirondacks and felt immediately connected to that. Having spent so much time on those beautiful tannin streams of the Adirondack mountains, I dreamed about owning my first Beaver Meadow. A rod specifically made for this special kind of fishing. JP Ross fly rods seemed like a long lost friend I was waiting to find.

When I met Jordan, I felt this notion solidify, but now I realized the person, not the fly rods, was the long lost friend. JP Ross is not only a world class rod builder, but more importantly, a great man. JP Ross is more than a fly rod company. It’s a community. It’s a brotherhood. A niche of fly anglers who enjoy the beauty of nature, it’s power and it’s spirit. The level of personalization, detail and love that go into each rod is unmatched. JP is an artist who pours himself into each build. You can buy a fly rod from a lot of people, but few will give you the service and experience you receive from JP Ross.

Many of my great friends I have met through this JP Ross community. Entering into this world has changed my life. It could change yours too. Join us, you’ll be happy you did.

By: Chris Murphy

I am Jordan P. Ross, owner and founder of JP Ross & Company. I sure do appreciate the kind words from Chris and Mark above explaining how they feel about both me and the company I created for us. All of us.   A strange thing came over me as I approached 40. I began to contemplate and look for meaning in things. I was married now, and starting a family and my outlook on life had changed. This outlook also changed the way I thought about business. My vector moved from being successful and judging myself based on certain metrics that focused on money and profits and power in the industry, to simply doing good and feeling good.  

After making over 7000 fly rods and many of them I made myself alone, I realized that what I really enjoyed doing was not making the rods, but making tools to make others happy. For years and years I would fish with my friends, but I would never fish. I'd row the boat, take pictures, tie on flies. They would make fun of me and say I never fish. But is it really fishing we are looking for? I never realized why I did this. Why I almost never fished. The reason is, I wanted to be out there, with them, and be happy. My rods and products make people happy. My sense of humor, and my passion I am told is what people like about me.  

In 2012 I stated a group called Trout Power. A non-profit focused on citizen science and genetic testing of brook trout, specifically in the Adirondack Mountains. During that period I wanted to leave some kind of legacy. I wanted to inspire a group to change the world. We did. And in 2020 the trout stream management plan for NY state changed and now offers protection for wild populations of trout. I was hoping that one stream would be protected, but look at what can be done when we unite and work as a team. We have assisted in finding dozens of new strains of brook trout, and we shared them with the science community and inspired others to follow our footsteps. In fall of 2020 I stepped down as president to let the organization takes its own shape under new leadership. Leadership that was ready to take on the responsibility. I was proud to pass it on. I remain on the board and always will be the founder. I cherish that.

Being in fly fishing you meet all kinds of people. The very rich and wealthy types are almost always the same. They have a drive to become something... something they have to prove to themselves and the world. I used to look up to this. Now, however in confiding in them, and them confiding in me, we realized that there was more. In meeting many of these people I had a chance to grow and learn and interpret what this means to me. Leaving a legacy to me now means: character, and how my son and daughter will think of me when I am gone. Will I inspire them to be happy, and do what makes them happy? Will they look to the woods and the mountains for answers? Will they realize that life is not about stuff and happiness is a GOD sized hole that can't be filled with such items? That is the legacy I hope to leave behind. Although I will say that I am human... and with a 2 year old and a 5 year old and me being in my 40's, I find my patience runs thinner than I would like at times. However, what kind of leader would I be to not share that with you? I am human, I make mistakes, I am often disappointed in my actions. But I try not to forget them. I want to learn from them, and I want to share. I find solace by being outside.  

I hope you join us on this journey of life. I hope you buy a product from us because it is a catalyst to get you outside. I hope to meet you some day too... outside, on the water.  

Sincerely: JP



“JP Ross, with his creative insight as founder of Trout Power, was instrumental in opening a new chapter in my life. As a busy physician, JP & Trout Power reconnected me with fly fishing, and now I not only appreciate his world class fly rods, but the fellowship of a dedicated group of citizen scientists who value the serenity of self connection on the stream.”

- Ken Murphy, MD