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7 foot 5 wt 4 pc WILD CARD Carbon & Glass Hybrid fly rod

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The Wild Card has been retired and is under redesign for release in 2024.  


7 foot 5 weight 4 piece with a fight butt, and 6'11" without a fighting butt (but we still say 7 foot)  for small stream fly fishing or whatever the world has to throw at you, or you want to throw at it.  This rod is a medium smooth action in our Carbon Silica Glass and graphite hybrid material.  The added line weight makes the rod a dream to overhand cast and roll cast bigger flies, and fight bigger fish.  No matter what you are looking to encounter, you have a wild card up your sleeve with this fly rod.  Unique in so many ways. 

This beautiful reel seat is  made with an acrylic polymer and we have tons of styles to choose from.  Each rod will be matched to the reel seat design.  Every rod is unique.  

Place your order and have JP email you options for inserts in stock, or that we can order....  or

Let it ride, and let us decide.  We will pick a reel seat insert randomly and we will build the rod based on the inspiration from that reel seat design.  

    Custom inscription is also included and free.  Just add to the notes of the order.  

    The rod comes with a cotton rod bag and aluminum case with engraved cap. All rods have the ERGO grip and small 1 inch fight butt with mayfly end. 


    Hi All, I recently added some more pics of a Wild Card I just made.  It has the fatter snub nose grip and the wild card spade on the butt cap and no fight butt.  This is another possible configuration we can do for this rod.  Just another idea. 


     If you have an idea on a rod and reel combo please use discount code: combo10 and please CONTACT US with questions and whatever else we can do for you.   Sincerely: JP