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Rock Hopper Carbon 5'0" 3wt 3 pc

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The Rock Hopper Beaver Meadow Small Stream Fly Rod is 25 years of experience making small stream fly rods into the shortest version of a fly  rod we can make that will still work extremely well as a real fly rod. 

This rod is designed after the 2 piece version that is over 20 years old.  Finally technology has advanced enough that I felt like we could make a 3 piece version at just over 20" in pack size, that would work as good as the 2 piece version that has been so successful all these years.  Its a medium action  with a 3 weight line.  It roll casts very well, and also bow and arrow casts very well.  If you are looking for a rod that you will take on your hands and knees in extreme small stream conditions; this is the rod for you.  


Basic:  one coat of epoxy, and a basic aluminum tube.  Rock hopper engraving  on the  reel seat and the release and remember icon on the butt cap.  No align dots. 

Deluxe: 2 coats of epoxy, engraved rock hopper grip, align dots, uplock reel seat with  cork insert and release and remember icon on the  butt cap.  This rod weights just over 1.4oz.  

Add a leather wrapped case, engraved in house and wrapped by JP. 


rods are available in emerald green or spring green and wrapped in olive thread.