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Muir Mist Garrison 7 foot 3 weight 5 pc E-Glass Pack fly rod

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Everett Garrison was from New York and was a rod builder, or specifically a bamboo rod builder.  Actually to be more specific, Garrison was a rod designer.  He explored the use of bamboo to improve the effectiveness of his golf club shafts and later when he became ill,  he focused on making a fly rod.  He employed methods of engineering and not iterative or empirical methods.  Everett  Garrison designed his fly rod tapers on paper and was the first to coin the term "parabolic action".   His designs were known for a number of things  but most common was his swelled butt section taper and his  reel seat design that I have added to this rod.   It is believed that he made only about 650-700 rod in total, but his greater gift was his design principals that he published in his book about making bamboo fly rods.   

This rod is somewhat of an ode to Garrison.  It is simple in design and features bled white wraps and one single band of light tan silk on the butt section to  honor his swelled butt tapers.  


Garrison died in 1975 the year before I was born.  

Here's to you Everett. 





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Sincerely: JP