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Beaver Meadow Fly Line WF Floating.

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Keep it simple and simply fish.

I have been toying with the idea of having a value priced fly line that was as perfect as I could find for our Beaver Meadow, Muir and Coherence fly rods. I started this journey with friends of JP Ross and also with my long time supplier and Friend; Rocky from Stone Creek, Ltd.

Here is is. A 60 foot fly line with a two tone Weight Forward front taper and loop. Feel good about yourself as you cast into the backing on this line. Its plenty long enough for the small stream angler and small line capacity reel. I made the line in two tone peach running line and fluorescent orange head. I believe that seeing your line has a lot to do with being a good angler. Orange is a great color for fishing, eye tracking and also photographing. Left Kreh thought so too, as mentioned in his Advanced Fly Fishing Techniques book I read and re-read often.

I priced these lines at $59.00 and that means I can discount them heavily for people when they buy a rod and I can use them as promotions.

They have a 30# Dacron core, welded loop and yes they are made of PVC. I wanted PVC because it is stiffer, slicker and easy to clean with automotive Armor-all. To be environmentally conscious we put these lines in recyclable cardboard envelopes and NO plastic core spools. My research shows that there is more wastage in packaging of fly lines then in making them. So pour a cup of coffee, tea, or adult beverage and take your time spooling up this line without a plastic packaged spool. It's not that hard, just take your time and unroll it first gently and with control and you will be fine. Enjoy the time spooling up your reel. Why be in a rush?

Also to add to the value, we have included a 7 1/2 foot mono leader with loop.

These lines are available in 2,3,4, and 5 weight.

Sincerely: JP
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All lines are a Weight Forward. 

We highly recommend the 3 weight for our 3 weight MUIR and 3 weight S-glass series. 

If you are really going to climb over boulders and step on your line a lot, you are going to want a line that is value priced... This is it.  


60 feet

Peach running line with Orange head

Super Slick PVC coating

Welded Loop

Weight Forward


Comes with our Beaver Meadow tapered leader. 7.5' 4x or 5x.