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Rock Hopper S-Glass 5 1/2 foot 2-3 weight 3 pc

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OK, there actually is a very long story of how this fly rod came to be.  But to make it short, here goes...  

When I started making beaver meadow fly rods, I started with one.  It was a 5 foot 2 piece 2 weight.  From there the understanding of the application of small stream fishing and listening to customers allowed the beaver meadow fly rod line to grow like a family tree.  

This rod is a 5  and a half S-Glass rod that came from the generation of the 5 foot 3 piece Rock Hopper Carbon.  We found that there was a need to make the 5 footer a little softer and a touch longer.  Softer meant that the bow and arrow cast is not so fast and snappy, and that the rod can roll cast deeper  into the blank and get more power to the cast.  These attributes accentuate the experience.   

The rod can be fished as a 2 or 3 weight. 

2 weight is more crisp, with tighter loops, and more distance ability.  With a 2 weight you can easily cast 50 feet with this rod.  

3 weight slows the action, is better closer in, opens the loop, bends the rod deeper and slows the delivery of the fly line.  Still good for overhand casting, but probably limits it to 30-40 feet before the rod  runs out of power.  

I love casting both lines.  I recommend this line. 

The rod with an aluminum reel seat and cork insert and cork grip weights 1.5oz.  The rod with a composite cork insert and ERGO grip with composite ring accents is 1.7oz.  The rod with wood reel seat and ERGO grip is 2.2oz.  

The rod comes with an aluminum rod tube and cotton rod bag.  Both made in USA like this rod. 

We have many reels that go with this rod like the mini reel, the Galvan Brookie, The Ross Colorado,  and the Nirvana Vintage. 

Message me before you buy so I can give you ideas and also offer discounts for combo rod and reel purchases.  Discounts also will be  applied for repeat customers.  Here is the deal...  I want to talk to everyone that purchases on of these.  The price listed is a baseline price.  Make it simple, the price goes down.  Add more bling like Kimball art and rattan grips and the price goes up.  Basically, I want to price these on an individual basis to get started and speak to everyone that wants one. 

Simply Fish...  JP