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Moonlit Eclipse Reel

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 The Eclipse Reels are a machined die-cast reel with a smooth, sealed, drag system that consists of stainless steel and carbon discs.  The drag one turn adjustment knob is also fully machined.  These reels have more than enough room to take backing with any suitable fly line.  With all this the Eclipse gives you the highest performing reel for a real value that will put your mind at ease.  Olive drag knob goes great with our S-Glass Rods. 

Fly Reel Features

  • Quick and Easy pop out spool release
  • Drag adjustment and housing are CNC -machined
  • Effortless and easy fast 360 drag adjustment
  • Carbon disc Made in the USA 
  • High quality ball bearings made in Japan
  • Made in Korea
  • pair this reel with a rod and use code: combo10 for ten percent off