Beaver Meadow Small Stream Fly Rods

 The Story of the Beaver Meadow Small Stream Fly Rod


When I was young I spent all my summers in the Adirondacks. I lived in a town called Eagle Bay, NY. If I rode my bike about a mile down Big Moose Road I came to a small creek called Eagle Creek. There I learned how to catch brook trout on a bobber and a worm. Later, when I became busy with college I found myself going back to this small creek to see if those brook trout were still there. This time I left my spinning rod at home and brought my 9 foot 5 weight fly rod. I soon found that trying to roll cast and navigate through the tag alders was no easy task. When I started my company 20 years ago I knew I wanted to make a rod to fish these small streams. It took me a few years to design the right tool for the task.



The Beaver Meadow is by far the most enjoyable fly rod I have ever designed. When I have spare time in my rod shop, I find myself making a beaver meadow. Sometimes I try to make it as light as I can, sometimes I go very retro with a 4 inch mini fullwells grip and sometimes I just focus on my favorite fish, the Adirondack Brook Trout. It was about 20 years ago that I came up with the 5 foot 2 weight fly rod. . I remember the day that my now very good friend Brian Corbett walked into the fly shop and the second prototype was on the wall. "How much for this" he asked. "I don't even have a name for it" I said. We sat and talked for at least an hour, and after a few cups of coffee Brian suggested we call it the Beaver Meadow. He still fishes the first Beaver Meadow ever sold. Since then we have offered many different styles of Beaver Meadow, from 7'6" 4 to 5' 2 weights.

The benefits of the Beaver Meadow is its short length, light weight and roll casting ability. The rod was designed to fish small streams for brook trout, but later we found that people had been looking for a rod like this to catch golden trout, cutthroat trout and even smallmouth bass; so although it is inspired by the Adirondack Brook Trout, it can in fact be used for just about anything. Because this is a JP Ross Rod, you can design your own Beaver Meadow with a fighting butt if you wanted… its up to you.

What we want you to know is that this rod blank is made for fun light weight fishing. The blank is an emerald green color or a spring green color and is very light and thin. All Beaver Meadows are fairly slow so that they roll cast well. This is not a great fly rod for a double fly rig and big indicator, nor is it a great rod for a windy day.

The 5 foot 2-3 weight, 2 piece fly rod

Application: this rod is designed for very small stream fishing, it is made for fishing wet flies and dry flies, and does have the ability to also cast small streamers.  The 5 footer was made for stream that are 5-12 feet wide.   Because of the length of the rod it is very difficult to fish a two fly rig with this set up, unless the distance between flies is about 12 inches.  Because of the short length your casting stroke needs to widen slightly, but after only a few minutes with this rod, you will find that the rod feels like an extension of your forearm. 

Action:  This rod is a medium to slow action.  It is a great roll casting rod and can easily cast a size 10 bushy dry fly of foam fly with ease. 



The 6 foot 6 inch 2 - 3 weight,  4 piece

Application: this rod is designed for small stream fishing, it is made for fishing wet flies and dry flies, and does have the ability to also cast medium weighted streamers.  The 6 foot 6 inch was made for streams that are 10-30 feet wide.   This rod is ideal for dry flies and works great for double fly rigs too.  
Action:  This rod is a medium action in a 4 piece.  It is a great roll casting rod and can easily cast a size 10 bushy dry fly of foam fly with ease as well as weighted woolly buggers and muddlers. 


The 7'6" 4 weight 4 piece...  has been replaced by the Black Jack 5 piece Carbon Silica Hybrid, click here for info

Application: this rod is designed for small to medium size stream fishing; 15-40 feet wide, and also good on lakes and ponds.   It can handle all types of flies and big fish too, including stream smallmouth bass.   The 7'6" 4 weight is also good for sinking tip lines.  It is a terrific rod for children getting started into fly fishing.    

Action:  This rod is a medium action.  It is a great roll casting rod but can really  lay out some distance when you really need it.  It is not great in the wind, but of the Beaver Meadow series is one of the better choices for windy conditions.


The 7'9" 3 weight 4 piece

Application: this rod is designed for small to medium size stream fishing; 15-50 feet wide.   This is a rod for smooth calm conditions and fishing small wet flies or nymphs or dry flies.  This rod is one of those rods that you pick up once and a while when you need to smile.  Just casting this rod with a size 14 adams dry fly is like magic.

Action:  This rod is a medium slow action.  It is a great roll casting rod but is really a longer length light weight dry fly and wet fly rod.  

 If you are looking for a special rod that will sit in the corner of your man cave waiting for the right day, this is it.


The 8'0" 5 weight 4 piece....  has been replaced by the Black Jack 5 piece Carbon Silica Hybrid click here for info 

Application: this rod is designed for medium size to bigger water; 30-100 feet wide.   The 8 footer can take almost all conditions.  It has a medium progressive action and loads very smooth.  It does not have a fast tip, it is a true medium action and very enjoyable to cast.  We fish this rod for both dries and streamers, and it is equipped with oversize guides to help you shoot line.   Great rod for Trout, Smallmouth Bass, and Largemouth bass.  We even have built this rod up for salt and used it to catch Trippletail and Jacks in the Florida Keys. Below is JP beating the snot out of our 5 weight in Islamorada Florida Keys. 


The 8 foot 5 weight in spring green color is one of the reasons we decided to make a hybrid glass and carbon fly rod.  It is faster than glass, medium smooth, and much more responsive.  A delight to cast and fish. 




Our latest breakthrough for our new beaver meadow fly rod is our joining of two materials into one;  Carbon fiber, and glass....  Now that the fiberglass revolution has started and we are many years into the re-introduction of fiberglass to the market.  JP Ross is very proud to introduce the answer to your question...  Fiberglass or graphite?  The answer is "both" and the technology is in the JP Ross new beaver meadow in spring green.  Choose to enjoy any of our beaver meadows, but if you choose the blank in spring green you will get a laminate that is made of both glass and carbon.  Not only do we use a glass layer in our laminate, but we also use silica in our component attach. 
The Carbon Silica Technology is better than glass because it is more responsive and also transmits vibrations better that fiberglass, and our Carbon Silica Technology is better than carbon fiber because it is more durable and softer when you both cast it and play a fish on it.  
Try it today, and look for the Carbon Silica Image when choosing your beaver meadow.  


Hello, summer has come to a end and I just wanted to give your beaver meadow 6'6" another nod to perfection! I have used this rod off and on now for a couple of seasons and I can say it still out performs all other rods on the small creek I call home. This season I put it up against a Zg helios 7'6" 3w. The beaver meadow out performs the rod in my opinion.The feel,action and sensitivity of the B.M.just can't be beat.Thanks for another great year on the water
Best regards, Dave

JP, Sorry this email has been so delayed. That rod you built for me two weeks ago is amazing. Love it. I can't thank you enough for scrambling to get it done on short notice. I will refer people to you without hesitation and I am sure this is not the last rod I will have you build for me. Also as a token of my appreciation I have posted a glowing review of your skills and business on the ultralight fly fishing forum: Chris

 I just wanted to send you guys this email to say thanks, I just recieved my 5' 2 wt rod this afternoon I loaded up the reel and went out to try it out, it's more than I was expecting this is the first light weight rod I've owned and a person is always a little skeptical ordering things online especially fly rods but you definitely have a new customer, I will be sure to spread the word, I know the model I got was a pre-made rock hopper but it is nice I can't wait to get it on the stream this weekend, I will definitely be in touch and be ordering a custom rod in the near future. I was wondering since this is my first short rod and my first 2 wt if you had any leader formulas that you would recommend for this rod and line wt I build my own so I will probably start with what I know but any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks again for the great rod and service , Nate  

Wow, truly incredible. Thank you so much for making this rod, it's exactly how I pictured it. I will be writing something on my blog at about it and your work, and I will post an Instagram and say some words there about it as well. And then after that there will be countless pictures I post with it in my hand out on the water. Thanks again for doing such a great job.  Dorn

I have just received the 5 ft 2 weight Beaver Meadow Rock Hopper from JP Ross I had recently ordered, and I must say this is one nice looking rod. I ordered mine with burnt orange wraps on the emerald green blank to make for a nice contrast. The rod is described as a medium slow action, 2-3 wt, being medium with a 2 weight line and slow with a 3 weight line. It's obvious that this rod is made for small streams and will be a pleasure to cast with on small water due to it's short length, and will allow for some great roll casting on overgrown streams. Each section of this 2 piece measures in at 31.5 inches giving the rod a 5 ft length, and the whole rod weighing in at just over one ounce.

I got this rod to feed my small stream addiction, and if you are in the market for a nice small stream rod to add to your arsenal, you would be hard pressed to find another rod out there of this caliber coming in at this price point. The Beaver Meadow Rock Hopper is available with the options of a rubber covering over the full 7" cork grip, custom laser engraving on the reel seat, and 3 different thread colours for the wraps. There is also a couple of reel options specific to the Beaver Meadow rod such as the Special Edition Abel Beaver Meadow reel. A nice aluminium rod tube with cotton rod bag is included with each rod as well.

All the rods from JP Ross are not your typical "off the shelf" fly rods, these are hand crafted in the state of New York in a cabin behind his house and all rods are available to be fully customized to be as individual as you are. With over 5000 rods that have been built out of that cabin since 1997, using the best graphite and fiberglass blanks available, JP Ross and his crew are able to make your dream rod a reality. For more information on the Beaver Meadow rod, and other JP Ross fly rods check out their website at

I'll be posting more on this rod once I'm able to get out there after the streams thaw out, as I'm sure this sweet little rod will be a hard one to put down.  Wolf Creek Fly Company

Just wanted to shoot you a quick note to say thanks for the great workmanship on the 2wt. rod my wife gave to me for Christmas. I've wanted a small rod like this for years, and it's beautiful. I haven't been up to upstate since I was at Cornell a decade ago, but the smallmouth and White River trout in Arkansas are going to see a lot of this rod.
Keep up the great work . . . and from another Ross (my Mom's maiden name) don't ever mess with the Celtic cross. It's a great logo.  Matt  

I just wanted to tell you how much my daughters enjoyed getting your new fly rods for Christmas. They loved them when they opened them and when they took a closer look and realized how special they were and the expertise that went into to them they were elated. Our trip to the Smoky Mountain National Park can't come soon enough. I am undecided as to whether to put a double taper or weight forward taper on them. What would be your recommendation. Thanks again  John


Please Call or email us about Custom Beaver Meadows.