Trout Power 2015

Trout Power 2015: Event update and initiative update.


Since our last Trout Power® event in 2014 we have been working diligently to attempt to create a new protected zone on the West Canada Creek to harbor trophy fish. Our study’s have shown that there is little if any evidence that wild brown trout live in the creek at all. However, we did find that there are some, not many, but some wild brook trout in the creek. Note that there are over 60 tributaries in the middle section of the creek from Dover Road to Newport Dam. Our work right now is figuring out with the state how we can use these resources.

In 2015 we will not be holding a tournament; however we will be doing a stream wide clean up. After the spring floods there is a lot of junk, both on the side of the road and at the angler parking areas, as well as on the river shoreline. We will assemble teams to travel to the angler parking areas to pick up trash, and we will need a number of canoe and drift boat teams to float the river and pick up junk. Trout Power will fund disposal of this trash.
We are looking for a venue for everyone to meet Friday Night and celebrate, and a place for us to rendezvous on Saturday. Please email if you are interested in hosting these events.
Sign ups for stream clean up teams will begin April 15th.