Orange Palmered Hackle: variation of the Palmered Caddis

The Palmered Caddis is not a Griffis Gnat, and it may have actually originated in Rome, NY. The traditional Palmered Caddis is peacock with a grizzly and brown hackle palmered forward convex style towards the hook eye. This fly is a little different but based on the same principal.

Tie this fly with floss right on the bobbin. Tie in your floss, tie in your grizzly hackle, wrap your floss forward, hackle your fly and tie off.

Orange seems to just make Adirondack flies fish better. Perhaps it’s the dark tannin water or just the fact you can see the fly which helps you track it on the surface. This is especially important as the palmered flies like this are also effective stripped back underneath the water. Many a brook trout have been caught on a drowned fly, teaching the angler to never stop drifting or playing your cast. The fly tends to be most effective in a size 14.