Catching Kokanee Red Salmon on the fly

 It was a cool, crisp morning as I stepped out of my Honda Ridgeline and I couldn’t help but smell the sweet aroma of autumn in the air.  The leaves had already started to change from the lush spring and summer greens to the magnificent autumn yellows, reds and oranges.  This makes the landscape along the Columbia River in Fairmont, British Columbia a breathtaking sight to behold at this time of year. 
This is also the time of year when the Kokanee Salmon leave Columbia Lake to start their fall run up the Columbia River to their spawning grounds.  The color of the Kokanee, at this time of year, is a magnificent scarlet red.
 As I walked along the river, back to my truck, to retrieve my gear, I could see these red Kokanee hold in mere inches of water; as well as in the deep runs and pools.  There was very little wind and the sky was slightly overcast and about 9 degrees Celsius – I couldn’t ask for better conditions to use a T64-4-8L Blue Heron series 4 wt by J.P Ross Fly Rods. This fly rod is truly a fine gem to cast, it loads exceptionally well and shoots line between 30 to 45 feet with ease and is quite a gutsy little performer compared to other 4 wts on the market today.  It feels great in the hands and you can make it work all day without getting tired.  This rod is a true performer and on these 2 days of fishing of fishing I hooked between 35 and 40 fish.
Kudos to Jordan at J.P. Ross Fly Rods for designing and making unique fly rods to fish with the “big boys” and truly bring fine specimens to the net.
So, if you want to intimidate big fish, a fly rod from J.P. Ross is the answer!
Flys Used:
  • Rubberleg hares ear bead 14, 16, 18
  • Prince nymph bead 14, 16, 18
  • Dirty bird hares ear bead 14, 16
  • Copper Bab Beaded 14, 16
  • Brown Prince Nymph Beaded  14, 16
Tight lines and wet nets!
John Hildenbrandt
Blue Heron Flies
Calgary, Alberta