Repairing a cork handle on a fly rod

Whether you are an avid angler or a once-in-a-while fisherman, the time will come when that cork handle on your favorite rod will need some repairs. The dog may chew on it because of your scent, the repetitive sticking it with the hooks from the lures when you're not using it will wear it away or sometimes just age and use will take its toll. Don't throw it away; there is a very simple way to fix or repair it with things most people have around the house.

Instructions Difficulty: Moderate
Things you will need:

Cork from a wine bottle Sandpaper or a wood rasp Wood glue

Step 1: Cut a piece of the cork to the approximate size of the missing area in the handle.
Step 2: Create cork sawdust from the remaining part of the cork by using the sandpaper or wood rasp.
Step 3: Mix the cork sawdust with the wood glue. Fill the hole you are repairing with the mixture, add the piece you cut to the mixture on the handle and allow to dry thoroughly.
Step 4: Sand the handle down until you get a smooth finish once the handle is completely dried.