Fly rod blanks: Tube Width,weight and levered weight

Here is a compliment/ constructive criticism for one of our fly rods. If you look at our specifications sheet you will see the weight of our blanks is on there. This customer was
 great, and honest. So here are some things to consider about graphite rods and their characteristics.

Width. The width of the rod can actually make the rod lighter. It is the amount of resin to graphite ratio that is important as well as the wall thickness. You can make a fly rod be light and have a large diameter tube if you decrease the wall thickness or increase the modulus of the graphite. All things to consider when designing a fly rod. Also, consider the attached drawing. The further away from the center line the more the fiber will bend when under stress. Although I do not have the stress/strain curves for 36 million modules graphite. I can tell you that increasing the diameter of the hoop alone can increase stiffness/resistance of the hoop.

In regards to weight. There are lots of things to consider about weight. One is levered weight and actual weight. In our case, JP Ross Rods are built with many types of components. So depending on the type of components you use will determine how heavy the rod actually is. However if your reel is too small the rod will feel tip heavy. Or feel heavy. So weight is also a function of balance.

Thanks for your comments Rich. I will try to touch upon this more in blogs later on.


Here is what he wrote. BTWm you have caught more fish on a JP Than I have. Great job man.

I wanted to get back to you with my experiences with the SYNenergy rod you built for me a few months ago.
I was able to complete yet another challenge with a JP Ross fly rod.
I recently completed Wyoming's CuttSlam , catching the Fine Spot Snake River Cutthroat, Yellowstone Cutthroat, Bonneville Cutthroat and Colorado River Cutthroat.
I love the action of the rod, its powerful when it needs to be and delicate when it needs to be.
I really like the rod.
Although I do have a few minor complaints (if you even care..). The rod seems rather on the heavy size, I have not yet weighed it, but it does seem rather heavy for a 4wt. And its a pretty darn thick rod, at the base its as wide if not slightly wider than my 7wt. And by all means these minor complaints are constructive.
Any which way, I am very happy with the rod. It casts great and I now have another lifetime achievement poster on my wall.
I have now caught 18 different species/subspecies of trout on JP Ross rods alone. If I would have know about JP Ross rods earlier it would be more. I plan to add atleast two more by the end of the year.

Eastern Brook Trout
Gila Trout
McCloud Redband
Warner Lakes Redband
Goose Lake Redband
Eagle Lake Rainbow
Kern Rainbow
Cal. Golden Trout
Little Kern Golden Trout
Lahontan Cutthroat
Coastal Cutthroat
Coastal Rainbow
Fine Spot Snake River Cutthroat
Yellowstone Cutthroat
Colorado River Cutthroat
Bonneville Cutthroat
West Slope Cutthroat
Brown Trout

All on your fly rods.. Thanks again.

Fisheries Ecologist