Finished the Yellow Glass Eagle Creek Special fiberglass rod for Cameron at Fiberglass Manifesto

It has been a long time in the works for this custom fly rod, but well worth the wait. The fly rod for Fiberglass Manifesto should arrive today. This rod is based on our 6 foot 11 inch 3 piece yellow glass Eagle Creek Special. The rod is very light and was rolled for us by Mike McFarland.

This rod was a blend of what Cameron wanted on the rod and what our abilities are to do as a custom rod builder. Over 16 years now we have been making fly rods for the fishing trade and this rod ranks quite high on the list. I have one other fly rod for my buddy Travis that will be shipping out next week that we will show to you all. That rod is probably also in the top ranks as the most beautiful yellow glass we have ever made.

Back to the Fiberglass Manifesto. The rod features a cigar handle and a double ring reel seat. The cork handle with the cork reel seat, really looks great, and the silver hardware also really stands out. we did a rope knurl on the hardware and also put our Celtic Cross on the butt cap.

The rod was wrapped in gold silk and it was epoxied, not varnished. I have found that Epoxy is much more durable and is also Hydro-phobic which means it will not absorb water like varnish can when exposed for a long time. Also, Varnish needs a UV inhibitor, and so does epoxy... but our epoxy has a UV blocker built into the chemistry. All in all, I want Cameron to beat the hell out of this rod, so we made it to be fished, not just photographed.

I also put a jungle cock inlay on the rod and the best I could I inscribed "The Fiberglass Manifesto" on the blank.

Cameron also waned double foot Recoil guides and an Agate strip guide. Both of these are seen in the pictures.

Lastly, we hand sketched the TFM fly on the rod case cap.

this rod is no longer in production.