Kabuto Fiberglass fly rod build 8 foot 5 weight 3 piece for John Wallace

John Wallace and I have been friends for years and recently I finished a long awaited Kabuto Fiberglass 8 foot 5 weight 3 piece custom fly rod build for him. Here the fly rod is pictured. I just love the color of the Kabuto Blank. I felt like I was working on Jade.

Here are the attributes of the rod we chose for this build.

  • Kabuto 8 foot 5 weight fiberglass fly rod 3 piece
  • Custom turned Cork handle with Burl Ring accents
  • Titanium carbide single foot guides
  • #12 Titanium carbide strip guide
  • over sized tip top
  • macintosh green thread wraps
  • green alignment dots
  • pheasant inlay with Jungle Cock feather accent
  • custom inscription
  • flannel rod bag
  • green case with gold cap
I expect that I will hear back from John this week when he gets it. The rod was lighter than I expected and was a little faster than I expected too. The taper is unique, but the rod casts smooth. The ribbed unsanded finish on the rod was also kind of wierd and almost appeared to absorb some of the epoxy when I finished the rod.

I am very happy that I did this build and expect to order a Kabuto Blank for myself soon.

here is a little something from their web site that I transltaed in google translator.

kabuto rod company: Based on the design of the original taper, has been commissioned to plant in Japan. Made using E-Glass, Epoxy resin is. Said blank in the design, emphasis is often only the shape of the mandrel, Puriregu Other (sheet), the amount of consideration, such as resin thickness wound cutting a wide variety of materials.

To produce a blank KabutoRods has a career of more than 30 years (and) is a company called Sunflower Yokozuka said. He did respond appropriately to the needs of my fine in creating a prototype, if not I would have been his co-development costs and time spent on more. I hope you enjoy our physical understanding of high-tech manufacturing Kabutorods blank uniformity of products such as fitting a straight tip of the ferrule.
Recently, the technology has progressed significantly in Asian countries producing blank, intentionally stuck to MADE IN JAPAN.

Contact me if you would like us to make your next rod, or to even refurbish one of your old ones.