North Country Spiders. a new twist on soft hackles

Hi Everyone... its JP. In my travels through the world fishing and selling electronics materials, I have been exposed to many different techniques and flies. I am often
suprised how American Style Flies are so big and bushy. It is probably also because we like things like... all you can eat buffets, and tripple cheeseburgers.

I found this web site that talks about sparse flies, and they also sell them. I am going to tie more of these this year and try to get back to bacics on a few patterns. I remember when I first started to tie flies and fish teh Adirondacks, I fished a lot of feather wing wet flies and did very well. Also as a early fly tier I was ashamed of my thin flies and sparse hackled wet flies... however when I fished them I did very good.

Consider this weekend tying some sparse wet flies. I hope you enjoy this post. JP

In 1885 with the publication of T.E.Pritt’s “Yorkshire Trout Flies” later changed to “North Country Flies” the North Country school of fly fishing came to the attention of the wider angling fraternity. This little book contained numerous fly patterns gleamed from various local sources throughout the northern counties of England; this style of fly fishing was and continues to be an inspiration to many anglers throughout the world, and these simple yet effective fly dressings that Pritt documented, are still regularly taking trout and grayling in many parts of the world today.In spite of a sport that is has radically changed in the intervening years, the North Country flies, spiders and soft hackles; and the simple fishing techniques used with them still holds true today. Elegance and simplicity combined to make superb trout flies, fished in a timeless manor, that help to bring back the traditional angling experience.Decrease Height

Fishing North Country Flies

Simple and sparsely dressed North Country flies and winged Clyde Style flies reign supreme on the fast flowing northern rocky streams of the U.k. and are equally adept at tempting even the weariest of trout from many river and stream further afield. To fish these Clyde Style and North Country flies in the right manor and to maximise their effectiveness a long soft action rod is required. A 10ft #4 rod is about perfect for controlling the flies in the current, this coupled with a floating line and a 10/12ft leader should see most situations covered. To this leader two 6” droppers are added about 3ft apart and the first dropper tied in about 5ft from the butt.
Casting is a gentle affair with a wider loop than normal; the flies are just flicked upstream with a short amount of line out of the top rod ring if you are fishing traditional style or at an angle of 45° and the rod held high if you are fishing downstream wets. The flies should land like thistle down on the water’s surface.
The angler should cover as much water as possible by keeping on the move and searching out any likely trout holding pocket water. The Clyde Style flies and well as the North Country flies can also be fished singularly to rising fish on any river as they perfectly imitate the emerging insects found throughout the season.

Here at North Country Flies we are proud to supply the finest quality professionally tied North Country Spiders, Clyde Style and American Soft Hackled trout flies on the market. Unlike other on-line fly retailers all our flies are tied to the true authentic dressings using only the finest game hackles available. We have a team of professional fly tyers based in England, Scotland & Wales who specialise in traditional North Country Spiders such as Waterhen Bloa, Partridge & Orange, Snipe & Purple, Cran Swallow, Hen Blackie and many more. All our tyers are confidently schooled in tying dressings laid down by Swarbrick, Pritt, Edmonds & Lee, Sharp, Reid, Leisenring and Hidy amongst others.

At North Country Flies our aim is also to provide today’s modern fly fisher with the finest tackle and flies available for fishing with North Country Spiders in the truly authentic North Country style. We are dedicated to providing a range of stylish and practical equipment and accessories including many products that are unique to us in the UK. These have been extensively researched and sourced by some of the finest fishermen on the river.

We are delighted to be able to offer amongst other brands Partridge Hooks, Phoenix Silk Fly Lines, Pearsalls Gossamer Silks, Varivas Hooks, Terenzio Silk Fly Lines, Marryat Rods and many other superior products. North Country Flies are also developing other ranges of flies, tackle and fly tying materials which will come to the market in the near future.

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