"simply fish." Ambassadors and Advocates

This Page is dedicated to the people that are a big part of our company and support our mantra:

Get Outside, Simply Fish, Be Happy. 

Keep it simple. 

Mark Usyk: self proclaimed marginal fisherman & artist

Hi, I’m Mark Usyk. (pronounced: you-sick)

I’m the author of three books full of stories about life, where fishing happens. I’m an avid fly fisherman and outdoors enthusiast, and I firmly believe that in today's modern climate of technology run lives…we need to unplug from it all to truly live. I’m all about grabbing a fly rod and a backpack and leaving the rat race behind as often as possible.

Mark's art can also be found on our fly rods as: 

engraved gripsrattan grips

Contact: usyk@jprossflyrods.com

website: markusyk.com


Jeff Kimball: Meat Slinger & Artist. 

Jeff Kimball lives in the small town of Oriskany Falls.  Jeff is a father, husband, coach, taxidermist, artist, and among other things a fly-fisherman. Jeff is a tremendous supporter of our fly rods, and genuinely field tests them for us. 
Jeff is a "fishy  dude" known for his ability to seek and catch big brown trout. 
He can  be followed on his Instagram page, and seen all over the JP Ross media with his fish art and big fish photos.  
Born and raised in Central New York, I had an obsession with angling at a young age. I spent my early years chasing warm water species on spin tackle until age 13, when I won a local rod & gun club’s youth trout fishing derby, netting a 16” brown trout, which was when my life as a teenage trout bum began. I purchased a fly rod and spent my early days learning to tie my own flies, experiment with patterns, learning stream entomology, and adventuring my local waterways in pursuit of as many trout as I could find. These days, when I’m not spending time with my wife and two children or working in my taxidermy studio, you’ll likely catch me on the water throwing big streamers hunting for trophy trout. tight lines and simply fish: Jeffrey Kimball

Blue Line Outfitters. 

Hi. I am Hamp Cross and my partner in BLO is Adam Shirley. We both are from Northeast GA. We live at the end of the Appalachians and at the end of native Southern Appalachian Brook Trout country.

I am a second generation fly fishing guide with my father being one of the first guides in North Georgia and being the general manager of a Flyshop for many years. I have been fortunate to guide locally as well as in Wyoming and Alaska.

Adam and I meet when we both worked together in Law Enforcement. Adam spent his early years as a wild land firefighter. Adams first fly fishing trip was on an elk hunt we took together in 2019. He got “ hooked” and has been fanatical about it ever since.

Together we run the YouTube channel Blue Line Outfitters and fish and film for native trout on the east and west coast. We enjoy documenting small stream fishing and rare native fish.

We were fortunate to become a member of the JP Ross family in 2023. JP makes the finest small stream rods in the world and we have loved working with him and becoming family with the other JP Ross team members.

In a world of chaos and stress. Being outside and fishing for small stream trout is our outlet.

Contact: Bluelinetrout@gmail.com

Alvin Montana, Adirondack Trout Bum

While Webster fails to define a Trout Bum Wikipedia does -

“A Trout bum is an affectionate nickname for dedicated trout anglers, particularly those who practice fly fishing. “

What’s happening!! I’m Alvin H Montana II, whose alter ego is The Adirondack Trout Bum. I reside moments from the Blue line of the Adirondack Park; this combined with my passion for Fly-fishing for Trout creates the Adirondack Trout Bum persona. My mantra is to encourage people to get outside, be good stewards of our waterways and forest, and most importantly, to simply fish.
The moment I enter the Blue Line something happens, grasses turn a sharp hue of green, the sky becomes a vibrant blue and you get this feeling deep in your soul that connects you to the natural world. It’s here in the mountains of the Adirondacks that I feel at home.

Since I was a young boy I have always loved to explore. Fly-fishing gives me that youthful excitement and the ability to explore and find new water.
My goal is to encourage people to get out and fish. You can watch this happen on my YouTube Channel “Adirondacktroutbum”. My videos depict how fishing happens, some misses some catches but always an adventure, and the feeling of my excitement.

In 2024 I was welcomed to the JP Ross Team as an Ambassador for what the company stands for to “simply fish”. JP Ross Rods are not just works of art. They can handle the toughest conditions and bend past the point of which many rods will break.

NEWS FLASH- The Adirondack Trout Bum Blog is now live on The JP Ross Fly Rods website with stories that make you feel like you’re right on the water alongside the Trout Bum.

You can find the Adirondack Trout Bum out on the waters of the Adirondacks.

The Adirondack Trout Bum
Alvin H Montana II

Contact and Social Media Information.
Alvin shares a seat with JP on the Mohawk Valley Chapter Trout Unlimited board. 

Wayne Weber

A New York State fishing guide and USCG Master Captain who fishes from the Adirondacks to the Finger Lake and has a special love for the Tug Hill area. A gear hoarder who believes there is always a reason to buy another rod especially if it had the JP Ross badge on it. 


@guidewayneo on instagram




Nate Martin:

I’m Nate. I was born, raised and reside in New York’s Finger Lakes Region. I cut my teeth fly fishing on the shores of Seneca Lake and its tributaries.  I have a love for small stream fishing and euronymphing tactics. I carry the Peacemaker wherever I go!

I’m a husband, dad, first responder and most recently a licensed guide. My family love all things outdoors!

Instagram @nmartin2935 and @meanderingmartins