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The Peacemaker 10'6" #4 weight +/- 4 piece PREBUY

$500.00 $399.00

This is a limited early release of 10 peacemakers.  These rods will sell for $500, but we are releasing the first 10 for $399.00.  

We're still not exactly sure what is the best reel seat and handle configuration for these, so we are leaving it as custom.  We will work each one out with our customer in person or over the phone.  


The rod is designed for the grain weight of a 4 weight line or 120 grains..  however due to the tip and mid section make up and lay up, this rod can go up to a 5 for monoclear stillwater fishing, and single handed spey casting, or down to a 3 for dapping and dry fly fishing.  Call or email us with questions.