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Peacemaker Short Barrel 8 foot 3-4 weight 3 piece. Combo

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Peacemaker short barrel custom with Ross Colorado Platinum Reel and Airflo Line and Airflo Poly Leader. 

All rods have a story and this rod was made special for a show I did this past winter.  Inspired by a Porsche 911 race car, the colors of this rod are the colors of a GULF rally and race car set.  Baby blue with orange are compliments and look great on this rod and reel combo.  The entire rod and reel come in at 5 oz.  

This rod casts beautifully as both a medium 4 and medium fast 3.  

not convinced?  see what Cari Ray of Fisher of Zen has to say...   its her favorite rod.  


Rod: $559

Reel: $375 Ross Colorado reel in Platinum  

Line: $100

Leader: $20