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Muir Signature rod and reel combo


The design principal that JP Ross loves the most is "simple is elegant."  

The attribute that sets this rod apart is the rod, the cherry wood rod case and the aluminum case cap all have YOUR Signature on them.  Email us a copy of your signature and we will digitize it, trace it and engrave it. 

If you are looking for a rod that will be the heirloom that everyone fights over, this is it.  Your legacy is you, and your signature is a representation of you that will last for generations.  

From fathers to sons and daughters to their sons and daughters and their sons and daughters.  

The rod comes with a matching Ross Colorado Light valued at $290.00 + a matching 3 weight line.  Cherry wood case made right here in the Adirondacks of NY, and a bison wrapped case.  The rod is accented in Adirondack Ash wood, with 6 inch western grip and agate guide wrapped in clear silk.