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 What is Trout Power?     Trout Power's mission is to change the world by honoring clean water not by its' clarity, but by the wild trout that live in it. 


South Inlet Revival: An Adirondack Comeback Story from Freeflow Motionworks on Vimeo.

Trout Power 2017 will be held at Great Camp Sagamore in May.  See info packet below for more details and information on how to register. 

Trout Power 2017




Trout Power's mission is to change the world by honoring clean water not by its' clarity, but by the wild trout that live in it. Catch the Power at



Educate & inspire people to steward our rivers and streams; (honoring clean water not by its' clarity, but by the wild trout that live in it.)  Many people fish, kayak, hike, and just hang around their home town river and just assume that the fish in there are wild.  You always see people fishing, and catching fish...  but do you know if those fish came from a hatchery or from a wild sustaining eco-system.  Better yet, do you care?  We do!  We want wild fish and clean water. 



Wild trout thriving in a stream are a definitive benchmark for clean water. Trout Power's built upon helping communities find that balance in their own rivers and streams so that all may prosper together.


Launched around education and awareness starting with the  West Canada Creek in the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, ad now advancing to Wild Brook Trout in the Adirondacks; Trout Power is a year-round initiative.  



Conservation through education and action In cooperation with NYS DEC, New York State Museum, and Cornell University.  Trout Power’s Jordan P. Ross works year round collecting scientific data critical to achieving one of Trout Power’s goals.  
Wild Trout thriving in the West Canada within twelve years.  Wild Trout are a primary tourism trigger.  Currently, the river is a stocked fishery only.
That’s good, but it’s not great.  In addition, spawning trout is a clear indicator for a sustainable, flourishing ecosystem in the river.  If we want to protect this amazing resource and leverage it responsibly for generations to come, Trout Power believes a wild trout population is key to achieving long-term prosperity for the West Canada and for all.
Brook Trout Protection in the Adirondacks:  They were here when the glaciers receded, why shouldn't they be protected now?  Wild brook trout are tenacious survivors and great indicators of clean water and a rebounding habitat. Our latest project is working with Great Camp Sagamore to protect the South Inlet from lost brook to Raquette lake. 


Work together to make sure the world knows our great story Fish in the Trout Power tournament during the event weekend.  Volunteer at one of the Trout Power events.
Own a business? 
Adopt one of the Trout Power events already created, and make it your own!
If you’re not sure how to create something to attract customers that weekend, work with Trout Power to coordinate ideas and ways to drive business.
Trout Power promotes using social media, website, billboards, maps, flyers, signage, radio and television, and community newspapers.  Take advantage of this collective effort and prosper!
When the trout prosper, we prosper.
Working with area Chambers, Villages, Tourism boards, local business owners, we all prosper when people come to our area to stay and play.
Great rivers like the Yellowstone, the Colorado, and rivers just to the east of us, the Delaware, the Farmington, the Hudson, thrive with fishermen and tourists alike.
Trout Power believes it requires the collaboration and cooperation of a shared vision and effort in order for us to shine a large enough spotlight on the importance of Wild Trout. 
With growth and prosperity, the pride and promise to landowners and to the fish must be enforced: “Leave the river better than you found it.”


It gets confusing when you try to understand who controls the water in the West Canada Creek.  Trout Power put this diagram together to help you understand.

The above diagram depicts all the holding tubs that are in the West Canada Creek.  They are also refereed to as an impoundment. 
This is the operating diagram that is supposed to allow for water reserves all year long. 

This diagram shows who controls the different impoundments on the river.


Trout Power 2012 2013 results & ongoing data

click below for larger view of graph.  All data below is brown trout. 

So what does it all mean?  Well right now what we are discovering here in the Spring of 2015 is that there is no reproduction on the West Canada Creek..  except for this little guy that was discovered last year at a Trout Power Tournament, that appears to be a small fingerling Brown Trout at the base of a tributary. According to Trout Unlimited National, Cornell University and even the NYS DEC; the secret is in the wild fish that are in the tributaries.  If you lose them, you will never have native wild fish.  


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