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What is Trail Marker?  The easiest way to explain the Trail Marker outdoor camper and toy hauler hybrid is to hear the story about it from me...  JP Ross.    I started JP Ross & Company 21 years ago and it started as a fly rod company.  Now many years later the company has grown and changed as I have gotten older.  Personally I got married to a beautiful woman named Bobbi Jo who loves the outdoors as much as I do.  She gave us and this world a beautiful boy named Parker James.  Through my journey I have met great people.  Many and not all of these people are mentioned in the Company Link at the top of this web site.  



    As I grew older and became a father I went through that emotional change that I think everyone goes through. What makes me happy?  I just want to be happy and be outside and be simple.  I needed a vessel, or portal of some kind to get me, Bobbi Jo and Parker (and Patton our black lab) into the wilderness.  

        I looked around for something that is an Overland Trailer that has the following. 


        light weight
        6' x 12' cab
        roof rack
        made very well with high quality
        can haul a 4-wheeler or motorcycle
        can be set up in a minimum of 15 minutes
        I can stand up in
        has LED lighting and Solar Charging Capability
        can match my tow vehicle
        is between $10,000 and $25,000 dollars
        has a comfortable bed
        has an interior that my wife will love
        has the ability to also be used to move furniture, get plywood at the Hardware store, and carry a ladder or canoe. 

          The criteria goes on and on. In short, I found nothing.  
              However, because I am a resourceful guy and a man that understands manufacturing and materials, I knew I could make something.  

                  So I met up with some very talented and wonderful people at Rolling Star Manufacturing right here in my home town. Rolling Star rolled their first trailer out the door in 1996, and since then they have made trailers for the FBI, Command Centers for the NAVY, training trailers for many fire departments, and even made trailers for communications in the Olympics.  As soon as I began working with the Beck Family at Rolling star, the collaboration energy began and a true partnership was solidified.  Below is a picture I took of Nate while he was working in the shop.  We build the trailer from tube frame right up to the top.  Completely made by local workers, and in fact every Trail Marker Trailer is signed by the team on a plaque under the counter.  Rolling Star does also Warranty the Trailer and will also service and modify them to our needs. 

                      My long time friends Mark Usyk and Mark Hagerty are also part of JP Ross & Company and they had more criteria and ideas.  They both are considered outdoors men and also have a history of either design and/or fabrication.  So I knew we had the team and resources.  

                          We started from the ground up and we build them from the ground up.  With a strong axle that can hold up to 3000 lbs.  As well as a basic trailer that is built with a honeycomb insulated  FRP material that allows the trailer to be as light as 1000 lbs and will max out at 1700lbs.  

                              It is super functional with a rear ramp door that makes loading gear easy and fast.  And also the rear door becomes a platform for any function you can imagine.  There is tons of though into every aspect of this trailer.  

                                  And when it comes to interior, we think we did a pretty awesome job at that too. 

                                      The interior includes a tempered laminated glass ceiling and full rear screen. 

                                          A power bed lift that allows you to raise and lower the bed for gear packing, star gazing or easy access for those that cant step up to a high bed. 

                                              Full LED lighting both inside and out, that run off a self contained, self charging 12V battery. 

                                                  There is nothing like it.  
                                                  The model shown here is the Trail Marker Sequoia
                                                  • 6 x 12 cab
                                                  • 3000 lb Axle
                                                  • front chip guard
                                                  • side chip guards
                                                  • dual Jerry Cans for Water or Fuel
                                                  • Trail Marker Graphics
                                                  • Fiberglass Honeycomb core walls and ceiling with gel coat
                                                  • Gloss black powder coated rims with old school Moon Cap
                                                  • Goodyear Tires made in USA
                                                  • Powder Coated Aluminum fender with reinforced gusset
                                                  • Full Spare
                                                  • 6 floor tie downs inside
                                                  • PVC floor
                                                  • removable and replaceable kick plates, interior
                                                  • 30" x 30" windows with screens
                                                  • 2 doors with screen doors built in
                                                  • 2 gear access doors
                                                  • lockable rear ramp door with legs for platform
                                                  • rear full screen
                                                  • LED waterfall Interior Lighting on walls
                                                  • LED counter Lighting
                                                  • Porch lighting exterior
                                                  • LED down lighting on exterior
                                                  • Solar Panel trickle charge
                                                  • 12V battery
                                                  • 110V shore power with 4 110 outlets and 4 USB ports
                                                  • Front window with visor
                                                  • roof rack with rear roller
                                                  • 30" x 60" sky light
                                                  • Full Camper Queen Bed with Foam Mattress
                                                  • 12V power bed lift
                                                  • Acacia Wood Interior
                                                  • Wood Ceiling
                                                  • Front Cabinets with 3 doors
                                                  • 2 fold down steps
                                                  • 2 ARB 2500 awnings
                                                  • 2 ARB tent rooms with sewn in floor
                                                  • 2 aluminum side shelves for exterior that stow under bed
                                                  • Overland Axe and Shovel with mount
                                                  • 3 YETI bottle openers

                                                      Currently each Trail Marker is made to order on a short lead time.  Everything is made to your specification here in upstate NY.  We currently have 3 main models, but everything can be customized.  
                                                      Base model is around $10,000   980 lbs
                                                        Our Olympic Model is $11,900  1000 lbs
                                                          Our Middle Line; the Acadia is $15,499  1400 lbs
                                                            And our everything on it model: The Sequoia is  $22,499  1600 lbs. 
                                                            For a price sheet, and a chance to see us or the trailers we have in stock, please call me at 888-300-6617 toll free.  Or send us an email through our contact page. 

                                                              I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this and read how this happened.  We will have a full web site shortly.  
                                                              Jordan P. Ross


                                                              Here are some Frequently Asked Questions. 
                                                              • Isnt it just a cargo trailer?  No its not actually.  We make them from scratch and build them to be a hybrid trailer that can be used to haul gear and also camp in.  The honeycomb walls sandwiched around fiberglass panels with gel coat also give it an R6-10 insulation value.  And the Trail Marker has a 5 year rolling warranty, including graphics. 
                                                              • What if I want to put my motorcycle in there? Short answer is; yes you can no problem...  we even can make a wheel chuck that is removable after you remove the bike.  In fact we can make anything you ask for.  Remember that the axle is rated at 3000lbs, and on a light weight Trail Marker that could leave as much as 2000 lbs for cargo.  
                                                              • Thats a lot of money for a camper that does not have a kitchen?  Quick answer here is...  you can have a kitchen.  The front Cargo doors are made to be custom roll outs.  You just tell us what you want.  
                                                              • Does it have a bathroom?  The Olympic up to the Sequoia come with a porta potty as a free accessory. Always. 
                                                              • Can you make it taller or smaller?  Yes we can do a plus version that takes the interior height from 6 feet to 6 1/2 feet.  And yes we are currently working on a smaller even lighter version that is 10 feet cargo area, and 5 feet tall, with a bed and ramp door, and that should be about 600lbs. 
                                                              • You should have the bed become a couch?  Truth is the Trail Marker is still for people that kind of want to camp.  Remember that both Awnings off the sides are full rooms, so that is 300 square feet of area when spread wing.  Also, I wanted a nice mattress.  There really is nothing like laying in the comfortable Trail Marker bed and raising the bed and looking at the stars.  Its just incredible. 
                                                               We can meet almost any budget, and we have financing available also. 





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