Tom Fernandez [Great Lakes Trib Advocate]

JP Ross met Tom in 2012.  Soon after meeting him there was an instant connection between his beliefs and reasons he fishies and what JP Ross & Co. is all about.  Tom is a huge advocate for wild fish, conservation and catch and release.  He sits on the board of Pheasants Forever and also is a huge supporter of Trout Power (TM).  

Tom's most recent adventure has been creating the Tailwater Lodge in Altmar NY.  As Director of Business Development for the Woodbine Group; Tom has experience taking an idea and turning it into reality.  

Tom joins the JP Ross Team in 2014 as a new business developer, and now is a super hero for JP Ross as an advocate for Great Lakes Tributaries.  His skills are greatly appreciated when it comes to networking and most importantly he ability to row a drift boat.  

Tom lives in Skaneatles, NY with his wife Ali, Dog Purgy and his newest creation...  little Jack Fernandez.  

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