Susan K Ross [Superhero]

Sue Ross is mother to JP, and also our seamstress  She makes all our rod bags and if you are a frequent customer of JP Ross, you will notice that the bags roll out in themes.  We give MOM total artistic license to do whatever she wants with the bags, and being an artist herself, she never ceases to amaze us with her creative work. 

Sue is well known in the art world, and has won several awards in Sanibel Island for her creative shell pictures.  She started her successful business; Spool of Hard Knots when she was young and received much success with her stick pins, macrame, and hat bands.  In fact she is proud to say that she has made hat bands for Charlie Daniels, Cher, and John Denver.  

She is very humble when talking about her successes, but she is eager to talk about art, color, fabric and texture.  She enjoys working with JP and JP Ross because of our vast understanding of materials, and she loves to work with new mediums that we are always exposing her to.  We are looking forward to seeing what else MOM comes up with....  

When you purchase a JP Ross fly rod, be assured that every detail is scrutinized.  All the way down to the rod bag. 


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