Mark Hagerty [Chief Trailblazer]


JP met Mark when he was in middle school.  Over the years they hung out, blew stuff up, played in the woods, and also played in jazz band together.  Mark spun off after highschool and went to Syracuse University where he earned his degree in Product and Interaction Design.  Soon after graduating, Mark moved south in pursuit of of his career goals.  But like all great true friendships, years later all he did was call one day and drop by and the best friend bond was instantly renewed.  Today Mark lives in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mark joins JP Ross technically in 2014, although he has done work here an there over the years in an effort to help JP achieve his goals.  

He offers experience in user centric product design and market strategy. However unlike most Information Technology oriented people, Mark is totally at home in the woods and to be honest probably could give "survivor man" a good run for his money.  Not what you expect from a high managment level software developer.  

He and JP are still great friends and when they can, still play in the woods and blow things up. 

Although Mark does not hang his hat in NY, I think he would tell you that his favorite place is the Adirondack Mountains.  A love and passion necessary to be part of this company. 

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