Joseph Lloyd [Superhero]

Traveler/ Fly Tyer/ Fisherman/Hunter/Husband

Joseph has had an undying love for being outdoors and seeking out-of-the-way places since a young age. He was afforded the grace of growing up in the rolling hills and history of central Kentucky and was often found exploring the creeks and knobs of the region. It wasn’t uncommon for him to skip school to go spend a day in the miles and miles of woods and water around him.

That sense of exploration has manifested itself in his life as he has traveled the world to find those rural and isolated spaces for both professional and personal reasons. As a young man, Joseph spent years seeking the adrenaline high of hiking, rock climbing, and canyoneering in extreme environments such as Utah, Colorado, and Kentucky. Having gotten a little bit older, he has found that peace of mind can be had by simply slowing down and observing the natural world around him rather than breaking his body in an attempt to climb those physical and mental peaks.

He is a shotgun enthusiast and part time bow-hunter but his passion lies in the zen process of placing the cast well and bringing a fish to hand on one of his own ties. This passion for the outdoors is shared by his family who all hunt and fish with the same focus and most family activities are based on simply getting outside. The back of his beat up old truck reflects his interests and personality as it is cluttered with topo maps, waders, shotgun shells, and rod tubes. (His wife simply allows this but does not condone the conditions in said truck).

With his wife, he has been fortunate enough to travel/fish many out of the way and rural places and treasures the relationships of great people that they’ve met along the way. But he’s also learned that some people are best left alone…

He’s the father of a very curios young man, step father to three industrious and engaging kids, and the proud husband of a beautiful wife who can easily transition from mud boots to high heels.

We are very proud to have Joseph on our team and we look forward to hearing his stories and adventures.  Our goal is to have Joseph and his family up to the Adirondacks next year to enjoy our country first hand and see how the woods have inspired our fly rods. 

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