James Taylor [Superhero]

JP met James in 1998 when James was attending Hamilton College. In addition to mentoring James on the local streams and creeks, JP introduced James to sight fishing for land-locked salmon in the ADK, a trip that catalyzed James’ fresh water fly-fishing addiction. By his senior year, James was spending more of his free time in the shop with JP than he was on campus. Since graduating in 2000, James has lived in his hometown of Washington, DC but for the past 10 years, he calls San Francisco his home.

James grew up fishing the salt marshes of the Chesapeake Bay and the Low Country of South Carolina, but is a trout bum at heart. James is backcountry fanatic and always looking for the next remote and undiscovered lake, river or creek. Although his favorite spots may be in Idaho, Wyoming and Utah, James has lasting memories of his formative (trout fishing) years on the West Canada’s Blue Barn Bend.

James was also one of the early adopters of the JP Ross brand. James also witnessed one of the first feather inlays which is now a JP signature and is proud to own (and still use) one of the first ever Beaver Meadow models, a rod JP designed for James to hunt the small creeks of Virginia.

James and his wife Melissa (a budding angler) live in San Francisco’s NOPA district and only a short drive from the Golden Gate Casting Club.

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