Custom Fly Rod Options

At JP Ross we want to make your experience enjoyable and special. We also want to make a product that is sentimental to you and is a reflection of whatever it is you are trying to say with your fishing tool. 


JP Ross custom options guide

Anatomy of a Fly Rod:


Customization Options:

When designing your custom Fly Rod you'll have the opportunity to choose from a multitude of options in the following categories:


Reel Seat Style
Reel Seat Wood
Case cap 
Case cap engraving
Case color



Hand Inscriptions:

The inscription is standard on every rod we make and it is no extra charge no matter what the model.

The inscription can be anything from your initials to your favorite quote, or even to: dad, love: mom. It' is totally up to you.  
The inscription is hand written on the blank of the rod. try to limit it to 20 or so characters, if you can.

 Cork Grips & Handles:

All our custom fly rods have cork grips or cork handles. Different terms to describe the same component.

Grips are made of high grade "flor" cork and are very smooth with minimal amount of filler so they will feel soft and smooth and hopefully last for a long time. 

7 inch western grip

6 inch mini western grip also known as the beaver meadow grip

7 inch full wells

7 or 6 inch cigar grip
Brook Trout on silver reel seat with maple burl wood and gold strip guide
Brass Case Cap and black powder coat with customer custom signature on cap,
also shown is the Trout Bum reels seat
Custom submitted engraving for a fish and game club
Mayfly on a butt cap with emerald wood and simply fish engraving on wood
Engraving on case cap and inscription on the rod, this one was for the "one bug" tournament on the Delaware River.


Reel Seats & Wood Options:

Our Reel Seats are all made in the USA by REC components. We have been doing business with REC for 18 years and I really think that JP Ross would not be who we are without them.

We have many woods to choose from and all of our woods are impregnated which means that they are stable and will not chip and fall apart. They also will not absorb moisture as fast as un-stablized or fresh cut wood.

All our reel seats are machined, then tumbled to remove burrs, then cleaned, then anodized or polished. The tolerances on our reel seat are very tight and you will find very little slop on our threads and captures, unlike imported junk that has machine marks on it and will allow your reel to wobble even when completely tightened.

Black Ash dyed green, with blued slide band down lock with simply fish engraving.


 Wood Choices for Reel Seats


Alignment dots, also shown is black ash with custom submitted engraving on wood.Reel seat hardware is blued silver uplocking.

Shown below is our spring green blank found only in the Carbon SIlica Hybrid Blank. 

Western cork grip, box elder wood with trout engraving on a blued silver uplock seat with rope knurling.  

Also note the mayfly engraving on the butt cap.


Below is Amboina burl wood with spend mayfly engraving.  Reel Seat is blued silver slide band downlock. 

Below is blued silver uplock with rope knurling.  Wood is Black Ash dyed green with brook trout engraving.  The Guides on the rod are "recoil".

Below is our special Reel Seat found on the "Maverick" fly rod. 

Below is a black uplock for a big game rod.  Custom submitted celtic cross on Cocobolo wood.  Shown with 1.5" fight butt.


Below is Black uplock reel seat with Cocobolo wood and initials engraved on the butt cap.  


Below is an Agate Strip Guide with silver frame. 
Below is a 7 inch Cigar grip on a maple burl slide band reel seat. 
Our Beaver Meadow Blank is a beautiful and unique spring green color. 
As usual, we are here to talk on the phone also,
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