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Wild Card 6'11" 5 weight 4 piece blank

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The Wild Card Carbon Silica Technology explained.


When we designed the original Black Jack Carbon Silica Hybrid fly rod, there were a few design attributes and factors we wanted to include in the design.  One in particular was the butt section diameter.  We wanted that diameter to not be too big, so that custom builders could use this blank with wood reel seats.  In conclusion of design and manufacturing the butt section diameter turned out to be  0.40inches or 10 millimeters,  a diameter very easily worked around as a builder.  

With a 1" fighting butt this rod is a solid 7'0" 5 weight 4 piece, with a unique casting feel and plenty of power to cast streamers accurately and as far as you need for small stream fly fishing. 

Aesthetically, we wanted the rod to be unique, not flashy, and somewhat nostalgic.  So we went with the clear matte finish and left the blank un-sanded, except for the ferrules which are sanded to insure proper fit.  


The blanks come with marks on them from JP himself checking for the spline and marking for the guides.  You also will get a Wild Card label, as well as JP Ross Shield.  If you include a case you will get the special Wild Card Case with blue acrylic insert on the inside. 


  1. Blank with a linen rod bag with JP Ross Tag
  2. Blank with Linen Rod Bag and Wild Card Case. 

All rods come marked with spline indicator, and markings for guides.  

tip size is 6.0

butt diameter is 0.40" 

Blank weight is only 1.5 oz

Single foot guides and a size 12 strip guide recommended to harness the full potential of the rod.