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MUIR fiberglass 7 foot 3 weight fiberglass fly rod... silver cloud edition


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JP Ross MUIR 7 foot 3 weight 5 piece fiberglass

We found there was a need for a special fly rod in the market.  The rod would carry the excitement of the new age fiberglass fly rods, but would also be technically advanced and have a purpose. 

Glass is not nearly as advanced as carbon fiber, and also is not as diverse.  However, glass does have its place in some specialized applications.  One specific application is smaller stream fly fishing.  No matter for Bass, Trout, or even Panfish, we feel that the action of fiberglass is perfect for these applications.  There is, or was until now, a void in the offering the market yields in regards to pack-able high performance glass.  So we decided to fill that niche with the MUIR. 

The MUIR is a 7 foot medium action 3 weight, 7 foot glass fly rod. 

Perhaps one of the most unique attributes of this rod is the leather wrapped and oiled rod case. Named after John Muir, this rod is made for backpacking for wild fish.  The famous writer and advocate for the United States National Parks in the late 1800's and early 1900's, Mr. Muir traveled by foot no matter where he went.  He believed, and we agree, that a transcendent experience happens in the wilderness.  Only by being in the woods and seeing the world from the mountain tops, can one really understand God, Nature, Themselves, and actually recharge. He traveled by foot, always by foot.  He was known to come across a new species of plant that he had never seen before, and he would sit by it to makes its acquaintance.  Because Mr. Muir always traveled on foot, and that his favorite places were in Yosemite and Yellowstone, we featured this rod with a leather case, that will wear beautifully  with age.  

The MUIR is made for you to explore and experience fly fishing in a way that you never have before.  The rod is extremely durable, and each one is quality tested.  Do not be afraid of the MUIR and its perceived delicacy because of its beauty.  This rod is made to be used and fished.  Its leather case with adjustable Bison leather strap is designed to take on a patina over time and handle the abuse of trekking. 

 The rods feature a beautifully crafted reel seat of blued nickel silver.  Accented with burl black ash wood and our "Zen" trout engraving. We wrapped the rod in a silver clear thread, with fern green and sky blue accents. 

Also featured on this rod is tip over butt ferrules, recoil guides, and real custom Coral Agate strip guide held in blued silver. 

Enjoy this rod, make sure you use it and cherish it.  

if you would like an inscription on the rod, like your name, initials or a quote, just add to the notes field on your order.  

The rods are hand made in the USA by us, and take about 3 weeks to make.  Each case is a little different and hand crafted.  

This rod design is part of the limited run of MUIR as an extension of this design.  Combined only 33 of these will be made and numbered 1-33... less than ten are left in this series.  23 of 33 was the last one.