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Carbon Silica Hybrid

JP Ross is proud to say with confidence that we have been making fly rods for over 20 years.  In that span of time we have made over 6000 custom fly rods and have had hundreds of successful designs.  In today's market it is easy to jump in, but it is not easy to create a legacy...  that takes time, dedication, and cardinal knowledge.  JP himself is a materials specialist and has worked in electronics and semiconductors for over 10 years.  Before that he worked on composites.  His understanding of materials, resins, epoxies, laminates, and cross-linking and metallurgy is what makes JP Ross & Co. unique and one of the best in the industry.  


Carbon Silica technology came about because JP wanted to release something to the market that was extraordinary for the user and technology advanced.   What we have done is combined the feel of casting glass with the action and fiber of graphite.  By creating a new lamina that combines these materials, we have made a real "hybrid" fly rod.  A carbon-glass hybrid.  We also have incorporated the use of silica into our component process to increase the bond strength of our adhesion.  

At first we thought this would just be for small stream rods, but later found that it was extremely effective in other rod as well. 

We believe this is the next step towards the new standard in fly rods, and this technology is proprietary to JP Ross & Co. 
Although I enjoy fly fishing, I'm not a fly fishing expert, or a great caster, by any stretch so keep that in mind when you read my comments on the Maverick.
After being used to casting fast action rods, it took me a couple of casts to get the timing down. However, once I did I could definitely feel the rod load better than I can with my fast action rods and it didn't seem to take as much effort to cast those weighted flies. Also, I didn't seem to need to false cast as much to get decent distance on the casts. One other thing I noticed is that the flies seemed to have a more delicate landing... I especially noticed the softer landing on the foam poppers that I was throwing.  When getting a bite, I didn't feel it as much through the rod as I do with the graphite rods, but that really isn't an issue when I'm fly fishing and have constant contact with the line in my hand. Again, not that it matters, but the green color of the rod doesn't seem as bright when you actually see it as opposed to the picture on your website, which is fine with me.