JP Ross Fly Rod Quality

Agate Guide in solid silver.

“When a company talks about quality, what does it really mean?”

What does JP Ross Quality mean? Cast-ability, function of components, beauty of components, workmanship of assembly and personal service are all part of our quality equation. A JP Ross customer wants a fly rod that is unique. It must look, feel and cast as a natural expression of themselves.

Quality of Components.

The Blank: The quality in a rod blank is in its matrix, its resin, its taper, its ferrules and its finish. JP Ross offers a range of blanks in our line that vary by color, length, action and number of sections. Start the JP Ross journey by choosing a blank.


The Guides: All you have to do is look at a recoil guide in its raw material form to know that the Nickel Titanium alloy that is used is high quality. Nitanol, or memory alloy was actually made for the medical industry. It is a metal that can be used in the human body and holds a shape to release blood clots. Today Nitanol is used in eye wear, various electronic applications and medical applications….and also as recoil guides manufactured by REC components.

Step away from the recoil guide and the next in line is the Titanium Carbide guides followed by stainless and chrome. Guides are important and we also do not discount the fact that sometimes they are not perfectly round, because some are hand bent. This is part of the hand made quality that makes a JP Ross.

The Handle: You’ll never find low grade cork on a JP Ross handle. I never knew what was so special about cork until I met with our supplier REC Components in Connecticut. There’s a big difference between Flor Grade Cork, Grade A, Super Grade and essentially low grade cork. Low grade cork is full of filler. Filler falls out over time.

The Reel Seat: Take a very close look at a JP Ross reel seat. You’ll never see a machine mark. That’s because our seats are made here on the east coast, not in China. Your reel will fit perfectly because our seat follows the AFTA standards. Our threads are deep and will not strip.


Stabilized Wood: Whether in the rain or even submerged the JP Ross wood reel seats will never swell, chip or crack. Stabilized wood is resin impregnated wood making the natural fibers impenetrable to water.

Engraving: We can diamond etch our nickel butt caps or laser engrave our anodized butt caps, giving you more personalized quality. How about one more… you want a brook trout or a tarpon engraved on your reel seat, we can do that too. Not enough? Send us a jpeg of what you want and we’ll do everything we can to feature that image on your reel seat or case cap.


The Case: A great fly rod deserves a great case. Bang your rod around your car, truck or drift boat for a few years and your JP Ross case resists the abuse. No Scratches. Our extruded aluminum cases are available with many different options. Choose from powder coating, anodized caps, laser engraved caps or even solid brass caps. We also can add handles or shoulder straps on our accessory page. Again, the quality of the powder coat is easily seen with the naked eye.

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